Mini pump for both road and mtb

Its possible that I’m about to be accused of being too lazy to search the forums thoroughly, but…
I would appreciate some recommendations for a pump I can carry in pocket but which works for both road and mtb. Seems like there are lots of good pumps specializing in either high pressure or high volume but wondering if any are good enough at both?

This is what I rock.

Pressure, volume, physical size. Pick 2.

If you needed one pump to do everything then I’d say high pressure. Purely because a HP pump will do volume (eventually) whereas a high volume pump won’t do pressure very well.

I have 2 seperate pumps though. Nothing worse than being at the road/trail side without half decent kit to get you rolling again

Some good info to review:

If you need something that works for both, you need a high pressure model. I like the Lenze mini pumps, very compact. From my perspective, these are reserved for emergency use (after you run out of CO2) or for people with a lot of patience. They provide unlimited air, but they do it slowly. Great workout for cyclists with skinny arms… They are not the pump to use when you are on a group ride and everyone is waiting on you to change a flat.

Their are some nice smallish pumps that are faster or move more volume, but I find all of these too large to stick in a back pocket. That said, everyone has a different opinion of what they are willing to carry and many of these pumps can be carried in a pocket.

I’ve got a higher volume mini pump for MTB, but I only carry it when I am wearing a hydration pack to carry it in. It fills MTB tires much faster, but It doesn’t work for road tires due to the higher pressure.

Lezyne and Silca both make good hand pumps.

The high end of the market is the Silca Tattico Bluetooth mini pump. It syncs with your phone and gives you a digital pressure gauge as you inflate. It’s also a very good pump.

Seems like one way or another I’m compromising. Either I need more than one minipump, or a larger minipump, or co2 which isn’t unlimited. Maybe one cartridge and a do-all smaller pump (high pressure capable) is the way to go? If I’ve used the co2 and need to go to the pump then oh well, its just that kind of day…