Pull buoy gift ideas

Hey all,

I have a triathlete brother-in-law that is wanting a pull buoy. Is there any particular brands you all like?


Pull buoys are basically just a block of foam so I’ve never really had a favorite and just used what the swim shop I went to was selling. Though I did prefer the single block style as opposed to the two cylinders connected with straps. I don’t know if he has a preference either way though. Anything from Speedo, TYR, Finis.

Any listed on this page should be fine:

Though not the ones listed under “Other Pull Buoys” cause those are kinda hybrid products.

I figured they were all pretty similar. Thanks for the confirmation.

Yeah, a super cheap one might start to break down and lose chunks or be oddly squishy or something but anything from those brands are gonna be good. They’re like big bike brands. You might have a preference for one or the other but they’re all good in the end.

I prefer the single piece models with a the asymmetric design like this speedo.