What’s better in the eyes of AT?

So tonight’s workout was Taylor -2. This was the first vo2 workout of this training block. It felt great. After the first set, I upped the intensity to 105%. After the second set, it was moderately hard so I bumped it to 110%. Finished the workout and rated the workout as hard.

So my question is, what’s better, doing the workout as prescribed and marking it as easy? Or upping the intensity and marking it as hard?


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I would have left as is and rated it as easy.


agree with John - AT will likely only look at the workout as planned and you rated it hard (when you didn’t find it that hard).

I would go back and rate it moderate or easy


TR has the ability to calculate the PL of the ride as completed, but right now, they are not doing it. This is probably the feature I want the most right now, mostly so I can assign a PL to my failed workouts!

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Very good question.
Did you get a PL rise?



I mean it would be nice to know if I turned that 5.0 into a 1.1 or 1.2, haha!

Taylor is an “easy” VO2 workout. If you know going in it will be easy, I think better to swap out for a harder VO2 workout. Otherwise, just let AT do it’s job and adjust the next workout for you.


I did. It was a stretch workout so I got a bump of 1.6 points to 2.6.

I just looked, doesn’t look I got any bonus points for upping the intensity.

In this situation, I’ll up the intensity as I desire but grade the workout as if I didn’t up the intensity. This allows you to get the workout you want (I don’t always know beforehand that it’ll be easy, otherwise I’d switch workouts as others have said) and still get AT to adapt your future VO2 workouts. This approach has worked for me.


You are doing this for yourself, not for the AI. So just make the workout harder if it is feeling too easy, to get the most out of your training.

Then you apply a little bit of your own Intelligence and for the next workout if the AI didn’t pick up you can do a higher PL, you can pick a harder workout yourself and the AI will soon adjust.


Personally I would do the workout as you did - make it hard enough to get some benefit from it or you’re wasting your time.

BUT, you must rate workouts based on what they would feel like if you DIDN’T CHANGE ANYTHING. AT doesn’t look at the fact you increased intensity, so right now it thinks you found the standard workout hard when you actually found it easy. Go back and change the rating as others have said.


This :100:. Don’t be a slave to the ML.


Even before AT, the TR mantra was that not every workout should leave you smashed.

As others have said Taylor is an easy introductory VO2max workout so shouldn’t feel too hard so long as your FTP is in the right ball park.

AT, like any coach, has an idea what will be easy or hard for you at a moment in time. If you are given a “hard” workout and rate it easy then AT will ramp up the difficulty of future workouts quicker. Conversely if AT thinks the workout should be easy for you and you rate it hard then it will ease things off.

Also AT isn’t trying to get you to peak fitness now but in time for your target race/event. Just hammering workouts because they aren’t as hard as you think they should be will lead to burn out in a few months’ time. Been there, don’t want to go there again.


My issue with this is that the ability to score work done is in the pipeline. I want the system to be able to use my past data. This is also likely important for the new threshold power zone estimation feature - which based on discussion uses work done.

If a workout is easier than it should be, or I’m feeling sporty late in a block, I up intensity and rate how I felt on what I did. Then next workout I consider what I did and pick my own alternate rather than the AT progression.

Easy and VO2?

If it’s easy, its not VO2. So i would contest that this should have felt easy.

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Good points. That said, within the AT system there is room to push boundaries and avoid burnout. If answering the surveys honestly and not being afraid to downgrade intensity or skip intervals and get a struggle if you are getting beat down, AT will keep you on track even if you over-reach the occasional workout. Or several workouts in a row.

This was a problem pre-AT, because the progression rate was often way too high, even if doing as prescribed. But now the system is very good about detecting over-reach and backing off.

It’s good to push sometimes and understand your limits by doing too much. Just gotta make sure not to get stressed at all if you start to struggle with the progression rate AT is giving you. It will adjust to you.

I can’t remember where I read it, maybe Skiba’s latest book, but argument was these style of workouts feel easy because they are easy. Also, There was a benefit noted though under certain circumstances, I can’t remember what that was.

Long story short, there is a place for these and TR typically has them as an easing into VO2 work, which is a good thing.


Easy as in introductory, it’s still fairly tough if you haven’t done VO2max before. You wouldn’t start someone on VO2max with a workout like Ansel Adams!

@jjmc I’ve noticed a big difference between what I was doing last year pre-AT and this year. Last year I was getting lots of cramping, as in almost daily and even when just lying in bed at night. I also was skipping a significant number of workouts, maybe one a fortnight. This year I’ve hardly had any cramps and have missed just three workouts - the last was on Sunday but that was because of non-training factors (someone crashed into our van when we were away on holiday and we had to get home via the train). In both cases I’ve been sticking to “the plan” with maybe two instances where I’ve used workout alternates to swap out what was suggested.

I would refer to the initial workout when rating it in the survey. So out of those two options I would leave the workout as it was and marked “easy” but I dont think there is any problem with you increasing the workout like you did and still marking it easy.