Progression levels didn’t drop after ftp increase

AI FTP increase showed PL reduction (see pic). However this didn’t take effect. My career still shows my previous PL’s. Can anyone explain why this might happen?

This is a question probably better suited for support!

That said, your reductions in PL are so small that you probably don’t see much difference anyhow.


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As @schmidt recommends, probably best to contact support for a legit answer, BUT when you say your career shows your previous PL’s, are you suggesting they show the same numbers in your pic above (7.7, 6.8, etc) OR they show HIGHER values than what is in your above pic (8.1, 7.3, etc)?

To my understanding, the numbers above in the “What comes next” window are your NEW PL levels after the FTP update, so if that is what you see on your career page, i would consider that correct.

Thanks for the replies. I’m new to TR and the forum so still trying to navigate my way around.
My career shows the higher numbers 8.1, 7.3 etc. not the newer numbers as in the pic.
I’ll contact support as suggested.
Thanks again

Yeah, that’s not been my experience, so it’s possible support will be able to sort you out… couple things I might try first as well to see if you see any difference

  1. If available, check your career page on another device. If no other device is available to run the app, you can always check the web page!
  2. try force closing and relaunching the app on your current device
  3. log out and back in on your current device

Your PLs did drop… just not very much (between 0.2 and 1). What was your FTP previously? I’d imagine a small increase wouldn’t change PLs very much, if at all.

Tried those @Will_Peters no joy

@Jolyzara see pic of current PL’s
Ftp just went up 5 watts

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Yeah, the minor PL decreases makes sense when your FTP only increases 5 watts (8.1 → 7.7, 7.3 → 6.8, etc), but I would expect both the “what comes next” and “career” pages to reflect the same values. If your career page still has the higher values, in all likely any adaptions that occur to your plan MAY be too high… Best to get support involved…

Can’t say i’ve noticed this inconsistency in the past, but typically if my FTP only increases a few watts I tend to decline the increase in favor of continuing to build PL’s.

Let us know how you make out for sure and welcome to TR and the forum!!

Thanks @Will_Peters I’ll let you know :+1:

Sorted now thanks everyone :+1:

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