Jonathan Potentially using Workout Levels V2

Saw this on Strava. I looked in the workout library, knock is a sweet spot 4.3 workout, which isn’t reflected in his PL change, and he seemed to get credit for adding a bit of endurance riding at the end.


#NextLevelStalking :joy:


yes… THIS! :wink:

On a slightly more serious note, if anyone IS testing it, it certainly is Jonathan!

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My question is why the sweet spot progression level is so much lower than the current rating in the workout library?

Maybe he answered it “All Out”… or it’s just BROKE!

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The optimist in me is going it’s looking at his heart rate and lack of drift to indicate endurance over the increased wattage in the cool down. As in heart rate isn’t completely ignored anymore. (If doing a bunch of intervals at the same wattage target hr comparison between intervals should give some useful info)

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That would be high level analysis indeed.

The TR crew has dog-fooded many of its features and training plans, too. @Jonathan used polarized plans to train for nationals, and they mentioned testing Adaptive Training in its alpha state.

Plus, isn’t it a giant coincidence that @Jonathan has started doing tris around the same time TR released running support? :wink::upside_down_face:

In my mind this is a good sign: dog fooding is usually a sign that companies see weaknesses of their products before release.

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I think a few weeks ago on the Podcast they said they were a week or so out from internal beta testing.

It looks like Sweet Spot target was actually 2.1 but he got credit for 2.2


‘dog footing’ was something I had to google. Interesting term. The internets tells me it’s actually ‘dog fooding’, in case that matters to anyone.

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Damn autocorrect. Yes, I initially wrote and meant dog fooding. It means that a (usually software) company, which develops new tools or APIs uses them themselves, first, in serious pieces of software. That uncovers edge cases, and because the “pain is internal”, there is more motivation to address them and software developers are more likely to have a more realistic impression of the overall quality.

PS No idea what dog footing is. I’m now scared to google it :wink:


I often get an Anaerobic PL change for vo2 max workouts, so I don’t think he necessarily is using pl v2

Interesting screenshot…You see more than we do:

To me normal SS progression is shown Sweet Spot 3.4 to 4.3 (+ 0.9)


could be PL V2, OR could be that his Endurance level is so low that even sneezing raises it.
Still makes me wonder why his PLs are so low. He’s regularly posting TR workouts on strava…

kind of off topic, but any idea what mode he would have his trainer in? I’m trying to find something that isn’t erg mode to play around with

His typical setup is Elite Quick Motion Rollers with a power meter, so pure manual control via shifting & cadence. Not sure what resistance level setting he uses from the 3 it offers, IIRC.

Update per Jonathan:

  1. Elite Quick Motion Rollers: Setting 3 resistance (available settings are 1-3, with 3 being max resistance)

  2. Elite Nero Rollers: Resistance Mode set to 33/100


Seems like he’s made his account private? :face_with_monocle:


He doesn’t want everyone on the forum commenting on his workouts? :-o

I think he’s said previously he made his account public so we could all follow along with his training