Prognosticate! What random health trend will make you faster in 2019?

Over the years various health trends have circulated throughout western civilization through popular media. I’ve summarized a few below:

  • 1920’s alcohol bad; tobacco good

  • 1930’s alcohol good again; tobacco still good

  • 1980’s bacon bad, marijuana bad; pasta good

  • 1990’s pasta bad, tobacco finally bad; bacon good, organic good

  • 2000’s trans fats bad, gluten bad, GMO bad; paleo good, non-trans fat good

  • 2010’s probiotics good, marijuana/CBD good, alkaline good, essential oils good, whole grain pasta good; processed foods bad, acidity bad, refined grain pasta bad

So, any guesses as to what the internet will say will make us faster in 2019?

I’m going to throw out a wild guess and suggest that eating moldy food is good and drinking purified water is bad somehow.



Geeze, man, get with the times! Moldy food is probiotic and good for your microbiome, while purified bottled water contains BPA from the plastic that’ll make you grow breasts (which is totally okay if that’s how you roll). :rofl:

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Totally random thoughts…Radiofrquency radiation exposure will be a hot topic. Vaccines will continue to be misunderstood. Dark chocolate will be found to not help VO2max (damnit).

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Whisky makes you faster.


If we’re consulting the internet, than my bet is that we’re going to continue mis-quoting the findings from scientific articles to argue that what’s good is bad, what’s easy is good, and to completely ignore the parts about how the correct answer is usually “it depends”, and instead focus on oversimplifications that can be easily generalized.

To sum that up: bacon makes you fast, because it goes on everything. If it goes on everything, it goes on the stuff that makes you fast. Therefore, it is the bacon that makes you fast. There was a study once that mentioned it’s participants had bacon for breakfast before their workouts later in the day. Probably. I made that up, but I bet we could find it. Science says eat moar bacon!