Pro Stealth Saddle Users

Do you think it’s much different besides the closed gap?

It’s the same basic shape but the gap is filled in and it’s definitely a bit more padded. I’m not sure if there are other differences though. I don’t have a ton of rides on it though since winter hit but it seems to take a bit more sting out of gravel roads than the road version.

Yes, the MTB one is definitely a little more padded. I don’t really notice the closed gap. The nose is a little shorter than the road version and that’s nice when shifting on/off the saddle. I love it.

Does anyone have experience with the new Pro Stealth “Curved” saddle?

Seems like it’s an answer and alternative to the Specialized Power Arc. I have a Power Arc that I’m pretty satisfied with, but am curious about this new Pro Stealth Curved saddle.

I have it for a few weeks now and really like it.

The nose is still wide enough to sit on it (still much wider than spec Power saddle) but the slidely curved shape feels more comfortable to me than the normal version.

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