Pro Road Racing thread 2021 (spoilers)

Vingegaard :wink:

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This is a figment of French press imagination. :wink:


yeah even an ideal world, mcnulty & hirschi help get pogacar back onto the roglic group before the penultimate climb, but i don’t see pog getting 23s or whatever he needed off roglic

sad for murican fans though, was doubtful but hopeful for mcnulty and he just didn’t have it

gaudu pulled the entirety of the last climb for roglic, though, which is why he was given the stage win. he didn’t need the bonus points w/ mcnulty blown.

The 2021 Tour is the Rog vs Pog show.

Barring incident, these two riders are just too complete, on current form.

Fans of other riders have dreams of their riders making a dent on these two. This is otherwise known as… dreaming :grin:

There is another rider who can compete with them, a young chap named Remco. Obviously, not this year. I suspect if Remco makes a full recovery, it’ll be the Rem/Rog/Pog show in 2022.

On a positive note, we’ll be able to watch MVDP do truly ludicrous things for the first week or so until he pulls out.

I think a very aggressive ride by Astana sort of papered over a lot of cracks in Jumbo Visma’s strategy for the week. They were not the instigators of the decisive move and benefited a ton from the other teams. Not to take anything away from them - but their mistakes from earlier in the week shouldn’t be forgotten because UAE made a mess of the final stage.

Was an awesome stage to watch - anyone who is a fan of the sport should watch it if possible

As for the tour - I don’t think anyone can hang with Pog and Rog, they seem to be the strongest two riders. However, I think a strength in depth approach from Ineos could upset them. Ineos doesn’t have a single rider who can keep up with them, but they do have a fair few who are close enough to be dangerous if up the road.

With the relative lack of long climbs it should be a very hard race to control for even the A team of JV - so if Ineos (and other teams) are constantly sending small raiding parties of ‘fringe’ (all non-rog/pog) contenders it could slip away from the two strongest riders while they mark each other out of contention (think Giro 2018 with Roglic and Nibali staring at each other for far too long)


This is trouble for the Colombians

Pog had specifically said it wasn’t possible for him to mark Rog on the descent, as someone ahead of them dropped the wheel, and the roads were too narrow to pass. I’ve heard that it said that someone from Ineos dropped the wheel, but have not been able to confirm that… After that it was all over. I do feel super bad for McNulty, it was just tough to watch him struggle.

I am so fucking happy Cav won AGAIN. YES!!!


Back to back wins at that!
Early on, I thought Cav was arrogant and I didn’t like him much. But I came around after that TdF stage that he struggled through and finished out of respect for the race even though he knew he would be outside the elimination time. That was super classy and I’ve loved him ever since. Super excited to see him win twice and absolutely loved the excitement and passion he displayed winning these last two. So inspiring. What a champ.

I’m not a particular Cav fan or hater - but I am so glad he won something, because hopefully the announcers will stop talking about him exclusively

Would be nice for him to find a nice vein of form and then retire on (relatively speaking) top


Oh my God!! I feel so bad for Demi Vollering… she has a win overdue and then she looses by less than 1 cm… This must have been one of the closest finishes I have ever seen :flushed:

And a third!

Great to see him back to winning ways, he’s had a really tough couple of years. Tour of Turkey isn’t the strongest field, but a win is a win and even if he doesn’t get back to a Grand Tour he has justified his decision to keep going rather than calling it a day.

Cracking win for Pidcock yesterday as well, good week for the Brits!

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What a great Amstel…no final answer yet, but I thought Pidcock got it, not WvA.

Shades of Bauer and Plankaert in Roubaix, 1990.

Looked Pidcock, but maybe not the angle of the photo

Yeah, the only angle we have seen the camera looks like it may be just behind the line, so ti favors Pidcock from that view.

Holy jeez this is close…that shot of an officials phone looks like Wout by a mm.

Still waiting for official result…

Watched it back a few times.
Shame is can’t be a draw.
Wout did just about get it, imo.
TV camera on the line paused it just after the line by the look of it, when Pidcocks throw had him in front.
Photo, look at the red lines and it looks like Wout.

Official now…Wout.

Still haven’t seen the finish line pic. But they are doing the podium, so it is official.

RPE 10 watching this!! Wout!!

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Damn. What´s up with the photo-finishes lately