Pro Racing, Rider Types, and Motivation with Ben Jacques-Maynes – Ask a Cycling Coach 276

Retired pro cyclist Ben Jacques-Maynes joins the podcast to discuss what he learned about motivation, nutrition, training, injuries, how to maximize success and more in Episode 276 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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lee bender
​Mathew, links to studies? Im able to read peer-reviewed and academic articles.

Louise Burke. TTS had a recent interview with her.

:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: For the lengthy discussion about eating disorders, weight, etc. I see so many concerning comments on forums, social media and elsewhere in the cycling sphere about the relationship people have with their weight and food, and it bothers me tremendously. It makes me happy that you’re committing to addressing that with the podcast because too many people pass these issues off as being normal when it is actually unhealthy and scary.

Also, Ben jumping from 365 watts to 425 watts FTP while gaining 15 lbs is incredible. Betters his w/kg on the climbs and is even more deadly and fast on the flats with the raw power. Talk about an engine!

This was a top 5 episode for me. I thought there was a lot of thought provoking conversation and appreciate the discussion from Ben that required self-awareness we do not typically see. Amber’s similar experiences, self-awareness, and insight led to great questions and steering of the conversation.

I think it would be great to see Ben back on the podcast. I think he and Amber are a wealth of information and having competed at a high level are in a position to ask insightful questions. In particular I think it would be interesting to have an episode just on the ‘mental game’ and how high level athletes view training, rest, tactics, racing, etc.


I’m listening 5 days after major surgery and having had a history of eating disorders.
Exactly the podcast I needed to hear
Thanks Ben :smiley: