Pro Cycling Thread 2024

he’s going to lose over 2 minutes. crazy.

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Ugh…the polka dot shorts are back. :face_vomiting:

Roglic’s Tour is over…losing more time by the KM.

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Girmay with the hat trick!!

I think Cav is gonna find himself relegated after his swerve to the left. Looked really dangerous.

Roglic looks bad…RB isn’t even really drilling it.

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Happy for Girmay but really wanted Wout to win that one. I think he had it if it didn’t get boxed in…


:green_circle: Bini! :green_circle:

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Nice to see him win again



Was thinking about your question on my ride yesterday.

The first reason could be that he can’t so he doesn’t try. It would be a power curve argument.

That said, I don’t think it’s strictly that JV cannot close more rapidly, but more that it is energy and fatigue management along with tactics.

Pog is very explosive for 20, 30, 60 seconds. But then he settles into a rhythm. There is a cost to the big effort Pog uses to get separation. Further, Pog is so strong that very few riders can peg him back if he gets a gap.

However, Jonas is one of the few riders who can peg Pog back after one of those big attacks. In terms of race tactics, unless it is very close to the stage finish and he has to close the gap quickly, Jonas likely calculates that he is better off letting Pog jump, then hauling him back over time. That takes confidence but plays to Jonas’ strength as opposed to playing to Pog’s.

I think yesterday, Jonas was also hoping for help and he probably didn’t want to gap off Roglic and Remco and then be stuck either working with Pog, or refusing to work and letting it regroup. As Pog gets a gap, Jonas clearly takes stock of Roglic and Remco. He appears to then bide his time and manage his energy.

It’s only when Pog is up the road 30+ seconds and Remco and Roglic aren’t helping enough, that Jonas decided to take up the chase. He didn’t have any choice. If he doesnt whip up the pace Pog was gone. Tactically, he left it as late as he could I think.

Finally, he might have doubted if he could close the gap. Those emotional doubts in a bike race can keep a rider from even trying. But there is a point where Yoda is correct: Do or Do Not.

My take: I think Jonas was back against the wall and had to make that chase happen. He did make the catch and it was fantastic effort and race. I expect we get to see this scenario again. Pog will attack and Jonas will need to decide when and how to close it down.

The dynamic shifts now as Roglic is likely out of the picture. That was a tough fall today fr Roglic. Remco is a wild card on the big climbs so who knows. I’d expect UAE to go hard to isolate Jonas, Remco and Roglic. Pog will attack again on the steepest sections and try to get a gap. The questions remaining are obvious and watching them be answered is going to be great entertainment.

Finally, on yesterday’s stage. I watched the last 30km or so again. Pog was acting strangely. He was gesturing for something at some point and also seemed unfocused. He should have been head down just knocking out the KMs. Haven’t seen or read anything on it. Looked like he was either unhappy with his bicycle or maybe having a bit of a hunger knock.


I reckon this is spot-on. He knew there was still a long way to, so rather than burn his matches trying to match him, he gambled on slowly pulling him back / limiting his losses.

I think the way to interpret yesterday is that Pog is unrivaled in 1-3 minute w/kg but Jonas is slightly stronger in 15+ minute w/kg. Pog knows this very well, so his strategy all tour has been to attack near the top of climbs to try to carry a gap into pedally descents where he can add to that gap.

It’ll be super interesting how Jonas plays it on these huge mountaintop finishes this weekend. Despite his show of form yesterday, he’s still over a minute down and UAE are much stronger in the mountains. He’s going to have to attack and drop Pog at some point, possibly all by himself, which is not something we’ve really seen him do before.

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Big scrape on Roglics helmet, and he kept touching his helmet and adjusting it, concussion protocol?

Stage 11 I think POG cracked again with not enough food.

On thing about JV is he seems methodical in not doing work when others are willing to help, he prob wanted to make sure he had a partner to lessen the load and jumbo always have there guys topped off with nutrition


I concur with this

Same here. He looked like a guy who needed food.

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He looked much happier with chipmunk cheeks full of food on the podium. He had trouble getting stuff out of his pockets at some point. I unscientifically suspect there may be something to this.

me too, it seems like a bonk.

Anyone else notice jumbo leasebike has riders kids on all the social media videos. Not just rest days but normal stages.

I don’t remember any team ever really doing that.

Cav relegated for the sprint. I understand why he moved, but it did look sketchy.

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:rofl: :joy: I think they are reading this thread and specifically your post :grin:

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Yep, it’s like F1 but the engine is the most complex machine on the planet the human body…

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