Di2 handlebar junction box...do I need to drill?

Does anyone know if I will need to drill my handlebar if my Di2 system comes with a handlebar junction box? I’ve been looking for installation instructions and they all appear to require a hole to route the cables, but I’m wondering if anyone’s been able to do it without a hole.


You have the get the cable inside somehow. If you don’t already have a suitable hole in the bar… Then yup… you will need to drill it.


My shop assembled the bike and they said they did not drill the handlebar, but they also don’t know how they routed the junction without a hole somewhere in the handlebar :man_shrugging: . Unfortunately their service team is backed up until next month so I guess I’ll either need to drill the handlebar I got or look for another solution.

It depends on the handlebar, at some point the cables have to come out somewhere. If they didn’t have to drill, it was already equipped with all required exits. What is the brand and model of the bar?