How can I get my Di2 wires out the rear of my stem?

I’m trying to find a stem/handlebar setup that will allow my Rim Brakes and Di2 cables to come out the rear of my stem (“rear” = on the backside of the steerer tube, and my steerer tube doesn’t currently have holes in it.) Any one have any ideas?

My frame has internal routing entry here:

a new integrated aero stem+handlebar

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Can you be more specific with a brand or model name? I see a lot that come out of the bottom of the stem, but looking for something that goes behind steerer tube, if its out there…


my 2020 giant propel has the entry for cables in the same place in the frame, so perhaps check giant’s integrated solutions

What frame is this?

On the Cervelo’s and the Propel I know with a similar positioning entry there is normally a hole for the rear brake line to go through on the side of the top tube, so these holes become redundant.

Something like this for the Propel may be what you are after, [EDIT as said above] you also have to use the accompanying handlebar.
Im not sure how aesthetic this will actually be depending on what the bike frame actually is. Hiding the cables but having a stem that looks completely out of place might not be a fair trade.

Not likely to find something,…you need a steerer tube / head tube that is configured for it.

Your best option will be to find a system that routes the cables under the stem and then you’ll just have to route them past the stem to the cable entry ports in the top tube. You’ll only have a few CM of exposed cables.


Thanks everyone, these are great suggestions. I will try to find an integrated, aero handlebar and stem that allows me to have the wires come out briefly before going back into the top tube. Any recommendations for an integrated, aero handlebar and stem model that you like?