Prevent swollen feet (in hot weather)

I have really wide feet by nature and on the hot rides they become even bigger and I have a lot of pain on the outsides… in cold weather I don’t have any problem.

I already wear wide shoes (and as i mentioned in cold weather they are fine)

How to prevent them from swelling?

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I found my feet what I thought was swelling on long rides. I wear wide shoes. Lake CX 302.
What I found was using arch insoles, G8’s, kept my feet from sliding down into the toe box. That took the pressure off the outside of my foot.

Compression socks can help with reducing swelling.
I have multiple pairs of these:

Significant compression, and they do not overheat in warm weather . Left and right side specific, made in USA,

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Bigger shoes

Here’s another compression sock I have. This one is cycling specific. Less compression than the sockwells, available in many more colors and lengths. Made in USA.
I like this one better for cycling, and the scokwells better for all day standing/walking.

Is there any medication or something to prevent these swalling?