Precision scale for calibrating power meter

My Tacx Noe 2 and Garmin Vector 3 power meters differ by about 30W. Garmin has a procedure for direct measuring of torque using a weight. They then have a proceedure for applying a correction factor to each pedal. I have standard weightlifting plates but I don’t know their PRECISE weights. Can anyone point my to a scale or type of scale that I might be able to locate in my community that will weigh 20+kg to a high accuracy?

I’ve looked into this a bit - not finding a scale, but rather sourcing a precision weight. I recall them being about $200 or so. I would imagine that a scale that will get you the accuracy you need will be quite expensive.
What I found on my Assioma pedals is that I could go through the process and get the measured weight, but not apply the result. This allowed me to use a weight with an approximate mass, and use this to determine if the pedals matched each other. This doesn’t allow me to do an absolute calibration, but did allow me to verify that both pedals matched each other. The chances of both your pedals begin wrong but matching each other is likely very low, as that would require incredible ‘luck’, or result from Garmin mis-calibrating them at the factory.

Welcome to the power accuracy rabbit hole - it goes on forever.

I’d bet a decent digital body scale would do the trick. It would likely display to 0.1kg of resolution which is 0.5% of a 20kg plate.

And if you want to go the extra step to measure the accuracy of your scale, weigh 20L of water on the scale.

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I took my weight plate to a local company that supplies scales for industry, labs, etc.

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Postal scale

Thank you. I will head to my friendly post office