Pre bike mobility warm up


Curious if anyone does any form of mobility or non-bike warm up before getting on the bike (both for outside and trainer rides)?

Obviously, the TrainerRoad workouts have a warm up built in but has anyone had any benefit from doing mobility exercises pre bike to loosen up the hips, hamstrings etc?


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Nope. Get out of bed, stretch, get my kit on, ride.

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I workout early morning and basically as soon as I get out of bed. I’ve been trying to incorporate some bodyweight exercises as a warm up just to wake myself up and get the blood flowing. I find that even the warm ups on the TR workouts doesn’t quite cut it for me. Instead, some full body work really does the trick.

It doesn’t however increase mobility or anything. Just gets me awake, warm and feeling more loose to get started on the bike. Otherwise my first 15 or so minutes are a slog

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Not seen any need for it.

OP, check out Tom Danielson’s Core Advantage. It’s a great book and has a lot of mobility/warmup routines specifically for the bike.


Thanks for the comments…I think I probably should add some basic mobility exercises in before getting on the trainer but I find it hard enough as it is to fit in training sessions.

Glad to hear that others do the same as me and just get on the bike. Probably more beneficial to end the session with some basic stretching.

It isn’t so much about stretching or mobility for me, but muscle activation. Especially after waking, I find my back, core, glute muscles are very “lazy” and need reminding that they exist and have a job to do. I find that when my core is activated, I’m a lot more comfortable putting power out on the bike.

I found the following video useful and usually try to do a few of these, especially before a longer ride.


I will do a few basic exercises then hop on the bike. I find that I am able to better activate my glutes if I do a few exercises off the bike before I am locked into the pedals.

-Standing fire hydrants
-Monster walks
-Body weight squats

Here is pre-ride yoga warm-up from Abi Carver.

you said nope, and then in the next sentence you said stretch!?

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I’m mean raise my arms up and yawn. Not a 10 min stretching routine.

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I don’t tend to unless I’m racing.
In which case I do a full 10 minute stretching and body weight routine to activate gluten and the like (which does seem to help!)

You mean like a cat? They always seem to enjoy a good stretch.

Like this.

Is this what your cat does?