1 hour to train - mobilise and activate or all on the bike

I have an hour to train 3 days per week, I already Kettlebell train 2 days per week (simple and sinister)

As I get a bit older (35) don’t feel as able to smash at intensity without a good warm up, I also don’t recover as fast and am definitely less flexible/mobile.

So here’s the thought…

A thorough warm up off the bike with band work , mobilisation and activation.


Use the hour on the bike?


Something different.

Trying to make the most of the little time I have to train, to train smart and keep recovery as high as possible with a young family and manual job

You can do a lot in an hour.

I can fit in a 2x16, 4x8, or a 6x4 in that time, including 14 mins warm up and 10 mins cool down,

Unless you have a specific issue/injury you’re addressing, I’d spend zero time doing this. If anything do it during your kettlebell work.

I’d spend 100% of that hour on the bike if your goal is to get fitter/faster. I’m 44 and on the HV plans and spend 0% of my time on “mobilization”. I use the warmup already built into the TR workout or at most add an additional 5mins of easy spinning.

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This appears to be a mental thing for you. It prepares you mentally to get ready for the hard work and you may have convinced yourself you now “need” it. Mobilization and recovery are 2 different things. Mobilization can’t prevent the effects of recovery/fatigue. Do whatever warmup you feel you need on the bike. I never feel ready after the warmup and usually the warmup feels horrible and makes me question if I’ll be able to do the workout. I tell myself to get through the first interval and then decided if any training adjustments are needed. However, I’m always able to finish the work.

Thanks for the replies already.

I think how much you would mobilise and activate in other training and then I jump on the bike with a 5min warm up and get too it!

Wonder if I’d have higher potential with an effective warm up

Chances are you can do mobilization and stretching for a few minutes every day throughout the day. Consistency of this is far more important than doing a lot of it at once.

I do stretches while eating, laying in bed, talking a shower, etc. It adds up and makes a difference.

The harder part is learning which stretches work for your issues. Often the cause of a problem is not in the same place that has pain or tightness. Tackle mobility everywhere that you lack it and you will be better off. I found that neck stretches are critical to keep my lower back loose.

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