Powertap wireless power hub

I have a `Powertap wireless hub, Can I connect this to the Trainerroad app.

Yes you can. Powertap hubs use either ANT or bluetooth for connection, so the device running the Trainerroad app must use the same connection type. Most devices (IPad, iphone, etc) have the bluetooth built-in, so it can be used without any extra hardware.


Many thanks for this.

Plus once connected you can use trainerroad to calibrate the hub…,:+1:

You can? How do you do that?

PM can only be calibrated by their service departments i.e. a 75kg load produces a known deflection on the strain gauge. You need to know the exact load that produces the deflection and then the RPM (power=torque x speed). All PM needs to be zero’d this is sometimes manually completed and some PM are automatic. The Powertap power hub is automatic.

Once connected you will see your hub as a device, same at your heart rate monitor etc. Click on the hub, it will then expand giving you its ant+ etc. You will also have the option to calibrate ‘or zero’, hit the calibrate option and you are set. The hub does auto zero but if you calibrate (or zero) manually just before you start the session you know its done… :grin: