Comparison RPE Heart Rate

I’m searching for a table, which compares RPE with heart rate .
Can someone help me ?
Greetings from Germany

There’s no direct comparison as heart rate is dependent on a number of factors and too variable. This is why TR prefer to use RPE for TSS estimation if power is unavailable, rather than heart rate. However, I’ve personally found that my hrTSS estimates (calculated using the Joe Friel method) are sufficiently comparable to power-based TSS for me to use those when estimating TSS for an outdoor ride (I only have power on my trainer) in the TR calendar (select ‘custom’ and enter the value, rather than selecting an RPE for the ride). I find this easier than trying to estimate RPE, especially on a variable ride, but I accept that the percentage error from true TSS may be quite high under certain circumstances.

The table you’re after can be found here:
TSS estimation based on RPE / HR

Is this what you are looking for? Found it in an old copy of Joel Friels book The Cyclists training Bible. Which funnily enough is the only Bible l have ever read.

Thanks a lot.
Thats what I’m looking for.

I like to think of it like this…

Power - what you body is producing. This is a constant in that 1W always = 1W
HR - objectively, the work your body needs to produce that power. It can vary under different circumstances.
RPE - subjectively, how hard does it feel to produce that power.