Powertap p1 maintenance

I came across a Youtube video the other day about pedal maintenance. I’ve never done anything with my Powertap P1 pedals other than to replace batteries and keep them clean. The Powertap site says there isn’t anything user serviceable. However, I did come across a second pedal video which seems to state otherwise. My concern would be compromising the calibration so I am really skeptical.

I figured if anyone knew about PowerTap maintenance they’d be on this site.

Here is the 2nd video in question:
Search: Power Tap P1 overhaul by Mrmarginofsafety


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Have you tried it?

Might give this one a try, it has been 5 years of no servicing. I want to keep mine for a while.


I have not tried it. I too want to keep mind going for a while but I am concerned anything I do could compromise the ability to calibrate or significantly change the power readings.

I wanted to tap into the experience in this group and get feedback and opinions.

If its not broken, leave well alone. I am a Nuclear Engineer for 40 years, seen so many times people tinker with stuff and a little knowledge and it ends up needing replaced. You can service the bearings from what i have seen, but the bearings can be tight to remove but if you have too and after 5 years old you have had your monies worth. LBS worth considering if you want back in one piece :slight_smile:


The pedal bearings on my P1 pedals needed maintenance about a year ago. I debated the same as you but ended up sending them in to them for servicing and just paying the money rather than messing with it myself.

I don’t regret the decision because if I get another 3-4 years out of the bearings it’ll be money well spent

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I didn’t see anything on the PowerTap site for pedal maintenance. Do they still offer it? Have a link?

Not sure, but with the change to being under the SRAM / Quarq umbrella, anything is possible.

Probably best to contact them directly to find out what they offer.

For those in the UK I used this company about 2 years ago. I was pleased with the service and still going strong now.

I imagine it’s changed since they were bought but I’d be shocked if they didn’t offer it. Contact their help desk and they’ll tell you for sure

I called SRAM service for a quote earlier this year. A bearing service was somewhere in the $250 range - I don’t recall exactly, but it was enough for me to make my decision.

I will ride them until they die, then move to assioma pedal or srm crank.

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Just found this topic. I sent my dual P1’s to the UK service agent when the R pedal bearing suddenly stiffened during a ride at about half distance. Although the bearing was obviously finished, the power readings were ok throughout the ride. At a cost of £160 + £22 out and back postage, I sent the pedals for bearing replacement. When I got them back, the R pedal now displays zero power. On the SRAM AXS app, the R pedal shows cadence and Firmware up to date, and the correct green light sequence between pedals. Both pedals set at 170mm crank length. Agent provided new batteries and caps as part of the bearing service. No response to my query so far from the agent, but I suspect they will say that the bearing replacement isn’t the cause of the power failure. Any views/advice would be appreciated.