Powertap P1 Pedal Issue - Cadence only no power

I’ve had a pair of P1 pedals for several years with no issues. Yesterday I removed them, lubricated, installed new batteries, and when I set them back up I am now getting no power reading. The pedals connect fine via BLE and ANT+ to my phone/Garmin but power stays at 0. Strange because cadence readings are accurately coming through so the things are working and connecting fine. Even when I perform a zero offset a non-zero number appears which leads me to believe the power sensor is working? Any ideas to fix? Or is it finally time to dump…

What exactly do you mean by “removed them, lubricated”?

removed them from the bike and cleaned and added new grease to the threads where they attach to the frame.

OK, just making sure you didn’t disassemble them, which is not a user service option.

If you haven’t already tried, I’d test connection with multiple devices/apps (head units, phones, TR app, etc) and see if you get the same “no power data” everywhere.

Yes I’ve tested with my Garmin head unit, Garmin watch, TR iphone app, and paired with the SRAM app (and confirmed updated firmware). All show zero’s for power but do show cadence.