Anybody bust a Powertap P1 pedal with a pressure washer?

One of my P1s has died after washing my bike. Initially I thought it was just the battery so I swapped them out and it still didn’t come back. Only then did I check the quick start guide and it said (I’m paraphrasing) “do not use a pressure washer”. It was with a Mobi washer which is battery powered and relatively low pressure.

Well, crap. I’ve sent an email to PowerTap asking what my options are and I’m expecting to have to send the pedal off to my local service centre, but have any of you done a similar thing? Did attempting to dry out the pedal (like a mobile phone) work or have I likely mullered the poor thing? :rofl:

I do not think the P1 pedals are as robust as they should be and I am not sure how water ingress was made if the battery cap was on securely so you might be able to get them repaired under warranty.
I don’t think I would mention using a pressure hose though. Maybe you went through a deep puddle !!

My one Powertap failure was after my bike was on a rear mounted car-rack and I drove through driving rain for 4 hours… The spray coming up off the back of my car resulted in moisture inside the battery cavity. Powertap immediately replaced under warranty.

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I did go through some puddles in fact. It was raining heavily all weekend and I decided to observe Rule #9, though I felt a lot more wet and miserable than badass :cold_face:

I’ll try taking the battery cap off (the battery is already out) and sticking the pedal in some dry rice to try and suck any moisture out.