Powertap P1(s) PSA: Use the SRAM AXS app


Apologies if this is old news; I’ve searched here and elsewhere and found no reference to it. I sent my Powertap P1 pedals off for a warranty repair as they were misbehaving in various ways, including not being able to connect to the Powertap app on my iPhone.

Just got a call about them from the UK service centre and the technician told me that the place to get new firmware and perform other setup and day-to-day tasks is now the SRAM AXS app. My firmware was 3 revisions out of date and the Powertap app had no clue that this was the case. He did advise me to keep the Powertap app installed because it has one feature that hasn’t been reimplemented in AXS, but otherwise all development is now on AXS.

Please note that I haven’t been able to verify this as the pedals still need some mechanical repairs and have not yet been returned. The SRAM AXS app page says that it’s the hip new place to be for PowerTap P1 and P2 Pedals: https://www.quarq.com/product/axs-app/


Thanks for this, I had no idea. I’ll give it a try on my P1s when I get home.

Same for hubs. At least the G3 I have.

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I got really excited to read this because I don’t have an iPhone and was using my wife’s to update my P1 pedals.

So I downloaded the AXS app on my Samsung. New firmware. Installed it. Completely bricked my right pedal. To quote Bauke Mollema…

Oh no! Please tell me you’re still in warranty :sob:

Lol… of course not. Pedals are from April 2017.

Whatever, I’m probably gonna make the jump to Vectors since SRAM seems dead set on not really updating these pedals in any significant way.

Vectors eh? Not tempted by Assioma? People here say their customer service is top notch.

Yeh, but I have the Garmin national HQ and service center about a 10min drive from my apartment, so I get treated fairly well and don’t have to worry about ever shipping anything out.

I’ve gone through 2 1030s under warranty. I didn’t even have to wait 5 minutes for a replacement.

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