Powertap G3 hub size

Just got a powertap g3 hub. It’s the disc version so I think it’s 135mm. However my road bike is 130mm (non disc). The guy I bought it off was using it on his 130mm road bike. I can fit it on mine with a bit of trouble but once it is in it seems fine - it may have a 130mm adapter on it…I don’t know

  1. Is there an adapter to make the 135mm hub version for 130mm standard road bikes?

  2. Is that adapter already on (see pics)? Once it is in it is tighter than my Other wheel but if I have qr loose it does fall out from gravity suggesting it isn’t pressing against drop outs too much

Bending frames is (in general) not a great idea unless the frame was built for it (like Surly’s nitty gritty 132.5 mm spacing but it can work in some cases https://www.sheldonbrown.com/frame-spacing.html

As for the hub over-lock-nut-distance, the easiest way to figure out is to measure (see above link) and whether or not there are amy adapters/end-cap options I’m afraid you have to check Quarq PowerTap G3 Disc Hub | HU-PWTP-G3M-A1 | QUARQ | Service

You can’t adapt the 135mm disc version to a 130mm OLD.

The frame will be stretched out to fit that wheel in. It’s not ideal and theoretically voids your warranty, but I can’t imagine there are any 130mm bikes left with a warranty still in date!

If it works I’d be tempted just to ride it but be very aware it’s putting the frame under a bit of stress it wasn’t really designed for (specifically the dropouts are being bent around the hub end caps).

Easy answer - that’s not a disc hub. I’ve got the same, it’s 130 width as per a normal wheel.

Are you sure? Came with disc when I bought it today although guys road it on his road bike. It also looks like the disc brake version rather than standard version on sram website

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Ah, that changes things! I didn’t see a disc and the mounts weren’t super obvious. In that case the above is right, it’ll be stretching the bike. Since that hub is worth more than the standard one and rarer, I’d sell it and buy the right one - the hub on my case as a build wheels, but maybe full wheels in your case if you don’t want to get involved in that!

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I thought the same originally, before I realised that the non-disc G3 never came in straight pull!

Good shout on selling it, if you can get a decent price for it you could get something like a Sigeyi crank based one which doesn’t limit wheel choice.