Powermatch result / discrepency, can I view it?

Can I see the results from the powermeter and the trainer when I’ve been running in powermatch mode? So that I can see what the difference between the two sources was, preferably in a power line to compare if they trend the same?

No, there is no regular way to see the power differences during or after unless you are using a separate app/device capturing the trainer data. TR is always showing the actual power meter data live in the workout and is what gets recorded. So, if you want that data, you need to take extra steps to see and/or capture the trainer power data.

The one “hack” I can suggest is that you can potentially see the trainer and power meter while viewing the Devices section of the app. At that point, you can pedal a bit and see the power shown for both devices. But it is purely live data and you would have to “do the math” right then with no easy way to capture the differences. Considering the likelihood that the differences are non-linear, you’d want to check at a range of power levels as well, to get a proper picture of any differences.

Ok, Thanks for your reply! Then I now I need to dual record if to compare them.

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