PowerMatch Experiences

Didn’t the previous also assume a constant offset no matter what the power level and now that isn’t assumed to be true?

When do you think it will be released into production?

The feature is already in production, but only available to those who wish to test it out, since it requires refinement before making it default to all athletes.

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You could say that we aren’t making assumptions that anything is remaining constant in this version since we’ve learned that there are sometimes inexplicable changes in offset, not to mention differences in timing between devices.

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Thanks. I would be interested in a feature that shows you the offset that was applied through a workout as I have never been able to work out what the difference is between my power meter and my trainer.


I would love that too. But also know that there is a competitive advantage to not giving details allowing competitors to use the functionality they worked hard to implement. Though part of me thinks that no matter how good TR’s algorithm is they have no insight into what the trainer is trying to do so this functionality should in some ways be in the trainer itself. Which means their competitors will know the details. So…

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i couldn’t test it very soon, cause i will be 2 weeks on holiday, but i think the most important thing is chainring and cogwheel, that means small chainring and middle cogwheel, or?

In my case i have to use 34/18 and i use this chainrings/cassette:

11-12-13-14-16- 18 -20-22-25-28-32T


with this my difference of power reading is arround 6 Watt on Tacx Neo 2 and Vector 3

will this beta come on Android TR too, because on WIN10 version i have often timeouts?

Whats the best setup then?

  • Neo 2 paired with BLT to Trainerroad Android App
  • HRM dual paired with BLT to Trainerroad Android App
  • Vector 3 paired to Edge 830 with ANT+ and with ANT+ to Trainerroad Android App?
  • HRM Dual paired to Edge 830 with ANT+
  • Neo 2 speed/cadence paired to Edge with ANT+

i want to record twice, on Garmin to get my Training Load, vo2max, etc and Trainerroad will control my Neo2 with Powermatch

It sounds like this new PowerMatch algorithm will better handle the case of a smart trainers power reading “drifting” during a workout?

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It will be available on desktop-only during this testing period. It will be made available on other devices when it is ready for all users.

okay, but what do you think about the chainring/cog thing and other setup i wrote, what do you prefer?
it make sense to try Vector 3 connected via BLT to Android App then?

Gear ratios: Based on our internal tests, gear ratios and/or cadence had little effect on accuracy when compared to factors such as make/model of power meter and trainer. I would recommend testing with the gear ratios that you intend to train with. Feel free to change mid-ride, but let us know when that is the case.

Trainer+Power Meter setup: Same as above: the setup that you intend to use when training (other than the mobile app if you wish to test) is what I would recommend. Any combination where both devices remain consistently connected to the TR app should be suitable. I happen to use BLE with my trainer, plus ANT+ with my power meter and that works fine.

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I noticed the new power match doesn’t stay enabled after turning on. Well stays on for that one ride, but close the app and open it up again for a new ride and its back off. Is this expected behavior?

it looks great in my first test, but now i think i have to set my TR FTP 10 Watt higher, to the FTP i have with my Vector 3 on Garmin! :sunglasses:

i ride Rendezvous today, my feeling during ride was more realistic and fluidy and of course stable!

Tomorrow i will ride Slide Mountain, but then i have a prob, i will be 2 weeks away cause of holidays so i can’t test before end of june

avg power and NP on TR is equal to recorded ride in Garmin Ecosystem with Edge 830! :facepunch:


Thank you everyone who has been submitting ride reports with Experimental PowerMatch! Every ride is helping improve the feature.


  • Whether or not you have already submitted a ride report, please modify Setting 1 to 0.5 (instead of the current default 0.1)

If you are seeing this too late, don’t worry: simply make the change on your next ride. We still appreciate all of your ePM ride reports!

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Have to say I’m very impressed by ePM. A huge improvement so far. I haven’t done any really spiky sessions yet but it was good for leconte.


I’ve got a VO2 session tomorrow and on Friday, am I too late for the beta testing party?

I’ve been not using ERG for all my VO2 workouts since enabling power match as my trainer is a bit laggy (I think it’s laggier than average, or at least feels worse than I’d expect).

Filled out the form a couple days ago, but haven’t heard anything back. Is beta testing winding down? If so, do you have an estimated date when we all get it? Thanks!

Filled out the form two days ago and it just appeared for me in settings within a day, didn’t get a message - are you not seeing it in your smart trainer settings in the TrainerRoad desktop app?

Thanks. I just now tried again. So far it hasn’t shown up.