Seeing the degree of powermatching

Is there any easy way to see what offset powermatch is applying in a given workout without hooking the PM and trainer up to separate devices? I’d like to be able to see the power from my PM and trainer overlaid to look for drifts over time and also to see how the offset depends on power.

Trainerroad does not record the data from the trainer when doing powermatch. When wanting to compare I have logged trainer data with my head unit, and then used dcrainmakers compare tool to analyses the data discrepancies. It takes some manual work but showed me that my kickr core and assiomas agree well.


Does anyone know if there an alternative to the DCR Analyzer? USD29 isn’t a lot of money…but then again I only want to get an approximation of the differences between PM’s rather than all the (I’m sure very useful) functionality in Ray’s tool.

You can do it in golden cheetah, you can compare 2 rides…

This may work as well:

1 Like has a pretty handy and easy to use power file comparison tool and it is free.

Edit: and no surprise, but @mcneese.chad beat me to it


If I understand both the question and Powermatch correctly, you can disable Powermatch while both your PM and trainer are connected. With Powermatch off and TR set to ERG mode, it will use trainer power to determine resistance. Meanwhile, it will display and record your PM power. As a result, you will see the difference between your PM and trainer power (i.e., how far above or below your recorded power is versus target power).

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