Updated 4iiii Precision Model

So my 4iii precision left side 105 is back under warranty. I think it’s about 18 months old, 4iii have said that model is no longer in production so I’ll get the latest model, anyone got any idea what that could mean didn’t realize they had released a new one

I’m not sure that I’ve seen a “new” 4iii power meter recently. Could it just be that it’s the crank arm that is the “latest” model? I.e. 105 r7000 instead of 5800

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It’s probably just the latest 105, as mentioned above… or maybe it’s the Podiiiium but seems less likely.

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Ah yeah boo! Was hoping for some new exiciting tech

I might be confusing this with the Stages one as it’s been a while since I looked into it, but I think 4iiii updated the strain gauge a while back to sort out some reliability and waterproofing issues. Not sure if the writing on the strain gauge going from red to white had anything to do with this, but I think it happened around the same time.
You should check with them, but I very much doubt they’re going to give you a crank arm that doesn’t match the one you’re returning, especially if it’s only 18 months old. That would be a terrible warranty replacement (but a good excuse for a new crankset).

FWIW, I have a current gen 4iiii r8000 LH power meter, and it’s great.

On my 4iiii precision, I managed to pull out the white bit of paper (im not sure of the actual name) and since then it hasn’t been working/reading very low on watts. Does anyone have any ideas for a fix at all?

I had a warranty issue back in January. I was just outside the 3 years so they gave me a discount code to use for a future purchase. I expressed some hesitation about buying their product again and the rep told me if I could wait ~6 months or so there would be something exciting around the corner.

Not sure this helps with your situation, but an interesting tidbit either way.

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