Power saddle sliding

I have an s-works power saddle on my venge and I have constant feel that I’m sliding forward…

It is not easy to ride without having hands on handlebars.

I need to angle it almost backward to prevent that but then I feel the front area when I’m in aero position…

I did a bike fit and have no other problems.

Have you tried sliding your saddle farther back? If that works, you may have to make some other adjustments though, e.g. decreasing saddle heigth if you made a big adjustment.

Fitter moved the saddle almost full-forward.
He also used the Retul to justify that.

I’m not too familiar with Retul, but I don’t think it takes into consideration the special shape of short-nosed saddles. In my experience these saddles have to have way more aft than a normal saddle. I’d say it’s worth a try.
I’d try moving the saddle in 3mm increments and see if it fixes the problem. For every 3mm you go back, saddle has to go approximately 1mm lower to maintain same saddle heigth.

he has experience with Power and he uses 3cm diff.

The problem is that this position is so good and if I move it back I feel totally different and not good (or at least not how I used to…)

Hm yea well, I don’t think you can fix the problem without changing anything. Being able to easily ride without the hands on the handlebars is an essential skill for me. Ultimately what it does come down to is that you put to much weigth on the front. Watch this video Is Your Saddle too far Forward OR Back? (HOW to Set Saddle Fore-Aft) - YouTube and see if you can pass the test, if not, it’s very likely you have to rethink your fit.

I have same Retul numbers on the Crux with the Phenom Expert saddle and the feeling is totally different

honestly I don’t know what you expect. the power saddle is specifically designed to allow you to rotate your pelvis further forward, add to that a very forward position in relation to the bottom bracket and it’s just natural that with each push on the pedals you push your pelvis forward, hence the forward sliding feeling and difficulty taking your hands of the handlebar. imagine trying to ride with no hands on the handlebars on a TT bike.

so, as I see it, either change your saddle position or change your saddle.
what is your bikefitting guy saying? I don’t think he would consider a fit, which makes it hard to take your hands off the handelbar, optimal.

@blind76 I have a few power pro saddles & I like them. However, my experience with the saddle is that when I’m in an aero position the cutout is not the right size to accommodate my junk at the front of the saddle. Even if the saddle is tilted down from rear to front.

I switched to an Adamo Typhoon saddle on my ultra bike. The modern equivalent is ISM PR3.0, I think. For going fast over the course of several hundred miles I liked that saddle so much I put one on my gravel bike, too. For hours of pedalling on the sticks that saddle works best for me.

I still have the power pro on some bikes, though.

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I have a Power (narrow) on my road bike and have no issues with it. Actually, it is the most comfortable saddle I have ever used and I can ride my bike with no hands on the handle bars and I do not move an inch.

Are you tilting the saddle correctly? I have mine where there are 2 “parabolas” present and there is a minima (the dip) in the middle/front section of the saddle. Basically, you have to tile the saddle back a bit so its not “flat” on the front, but rather a bit curved up before it curves down. That might help

I set the front part in level, but yes by the design when the front part is in 0 then the back part is tilted.

That is my typical starting angle when fitting with this saddle. The tail is meant to be a bit higher, such that a level placed along the full length will indicate an angle pointing down and forward.

Tilt it back. Front part should not be level. It should actually be angled up slightly.

Anyways thats what my fitter did and I had the same problem as you initially. Now I am good as gold.

Although I will admit the “not being able to ride with my hand off the handlebar” seems to me to also be a problem. It is my opinion (and my fitters as well) that you should be pretty much neutral in terms of pressure if you take your hands off the handlebar in your road position. This is not a TT/Tri bike where you place a ton of pressure on the front end. You should be able to sit on the saddle without putting any pressure through your hands if you wanted. Anyways my 2c

I can’t seem to find a really good picture of it but the front is not 0 degrees. Slightly tipped up so theres actually no “0 degrees” per se. Only 2 maxima (at the front and rear) and the minima just before the front.

I sit in a pretty aggressive position so perhaps I am conforming to how this saddle was designed? If you are in a more relaxed position, perhaps you would have to fit this differently because you are not as rotated forward.

I have 2 “spots” I sit in, the back with the sit bones if I am upright and the normal position where I am more rotated.

That is the best image I have :slight_smile:
So (almost) full forward and front is inline or just a bit tilted down…

Nice bike!

I would try tilting it up slightly and see if that helps. Maybe you need a different saddle (shrugemoji.jpg)

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That’s a beautiful bike… Is it a Look Blade? Do you like it?

Yeah, its a Look Blade 795 RS Disc. Shes a beauty. Absolutely love her. I found a smoking deal on her and honestly, I think shes the best looking bike out there. The only thing I would change would be the color (if I could), as I love the mondrian color, but honestly the black is also really nice.

Much funner to ride than the tri bike, thats for sure


Yeah, it looks very smart :+1:t2: