Power pedals with bigger stance?

Since I did a bikefit last month, the bike fitter changed the pedals to have a bigger stance, Q-factor (?)
I was riding with the Assioma Duo pedals but they were changed to SQ Lab pedals size Large + 8 mm to have a better fit.

Since I love riding with power pedals I was wondering if I can achieve the same sizing (those added 8mm) but adding washers to the Assioma pedals?

Anyone has experience with this or knowledge of power pedals with a bigger stance, q-factor?

The new Duo Shi pedals are plus 13mm. Brings road bike q factor to that of MTB near enough.

Don’t go putting washer after washer on. You’ll end up ruining your crank threads as too few threads will be engaged. You’ll just end up stripping the last four threads.

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You can likely add 2 washers per side safely since that’s supplied with Assioma pedals. I’d be concerned to run more than that for the reasons mentioned above

You could swap to the new Favero Shimano pedals - they have a bigger q-factor, which most people see as a problem, but might work for you!

What they said! I think the spindle length measurement is 65mm. Previously, you could only get that kind of stance width by going to a Speedplay extended spindle, by adding a Bikefit.com pedal extender, or doing something weird with your crankset.

Seems as though favero will have at least one customer for their new pedals.

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