Power Meters for MTB

Sounds like I have stock in Race Face, I do not: I have 3 sets of these Cinch power meters, XC, gravel, and road bike. So, I’m lucky in that all my data should at least be as accurate from bike to bike as possible.

Hope this helps:

  • The road bike basically lives on the trainer now, it’s the bike I do my indoor TR work on (collecting dust since March-ish) - PM needed for obvious reasons
  • The gravel bike sees a lot of my recovery and z2 riding, I’ve done some longer rides and HIIT outdoor workouts and I chased some local Strava race thing this summer with that bike. It’s my outdoor, “I’m not mountain biking, bike” - PM needed since I do quite a bit of outdoor work outs, but lately just a tool to track TSS accurately.
  • My main mountain bike (V4 Ripley) has seen mostly fun rides, but I’ve done a handful of outdoor workouts on it as well. Mainly the PM has become interesting to look at when I’m chasing faster friends, or again, as a way to more accurately track TSS.

Depending on what kind of workout you want to do on your Enduro bike I think HR and RPE can be pretty damn useful. The more I learned about VO2 Max intervals (for instance), the more I realize that power is pretty pointless. HR and RPE are all you need for VO2 Max training (yuck). For more sustained efforts, that’s where I think a PM really helps. I never look at power on my mountain bike for XC, unless it’s a long gravel road climb in which it can help moderate the pace.

Concerning those eWings, yep that hurt - but not as much as when I bought them in the first place! They’re beautiful cranks, I would definitely consider them again for a dream build for sure!