Power Meters for MTB

Sounds like I have stock in Race Face, I do not: I have 3 sets of these Cinch power meters, XC, gravel, and road bike. So, I’m lucky in that all my data should at least be as accurate from bike to bike as possible.

Hope this helps:

  • The road bike basically lives on the trainer now, it’s the bike I do my indoor TR work on (collecting dust since March-ish) - PM needed for obvious reasons
  • The gravel bike sees a lot of my recovery and z2 riding, I’ve done some longer rides and HIIT outdoor workouts and I chased some local Strava race thing this summer with that bike. It’s my outdoor, “I’m not mountain biking, bike” - PM needed since I do quite a bit of outdoor work outs, but lately just a tool to track TSS accurately.
  • My main mountain bike (V4 Ripley) has seen mostly fun rides, but I’ve done a handful of outdoor workouts on it as well. Mainly the PM has become interesting to look at when I’m chasing faster friends, or again, as a way to more accurately track TSS.

Depending on what kind of workout you want to do on your Enduro bike I think HR and RPE can be pretty damn useful. The more I learned about VO2 Max intervals (for instance), the more I realize that power is pretty pointless. HR and RPE are all you need for VO2 Max training (yuck). For more sustained efforts, that’s where I think a PM really helps. I never look at power on my mountain bike for XC, unless it’s a long gravel road climb in which it can help moderate the pace.

Concerning those eWings, yep that hurt - but not as much as when I bought them in the first place! They’re beautiful cranks, I would definitely consider them again for a dream build for sure!

I’m new to mountain bikes and looking to pick up a power meter for my bike. I just wanted to double check what my options are and make sure I haven’t overlooked something. I currently have a SRAM X1 Eagle Boost crankset and if I’m not mistaken, it looks like my only option is to replace the entire crankset with something like the Quarq/SRAM XX1 power meter and crankset.

Mostly just wondering if I missed an option for a left only power meter and just swap the one crank arm. Not seeing anything from 4iiii or Stages that looks like its compatible.

What about power2max? That’s what I went with, however I have race face cranks. V expensive for the sram one…

I’d prob do the quark if I was you, you can at least offset cost by selling your current crankset

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Good suggestion, this is the kind of stuff I was missing. Looks like there would only be a ~$250 difference between the compatible NGeco (with a chain ring) and the Quarq that comes with a set of carbon cranks too. And you’re right, at that point I’d probably best off going Quarq and selling my X1 cranks.

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I have an NGEco and works flawlessly with my Garmin 510 and FR935. It should communicate with the Fenix.

You have other options. Power2Max spindle should fit.

You can also replace the crankset with a Rotor inPower crankset.

You may also be able to find a left arm stages. I think you have DUB so you need to double check that.

I run NX Eagle, so the only 2 options that didn’t require new cranks was Power2Max or XCadey. P2M was double the price of XCadey, so I took the cheap route, because the price of the XCadey PM seems too good to be true.

The first power meter XCadey sent was within 2% of the power recorded by my Garmin Vector pedals. I used the XCadey app to adjust the calibration to make the power recorded by the XCadey as close to what my Vectors record (It’s not exact: it’s clear that a crank-based PM records different forces than a pedal-based PM, but with calibration you can get the average power and NP to match up pretty well). Unfortunately, PM #1 crapped out within about 2 weeks (known manufacturing issues, they said). XCadey sent me a replacement the minute I contacted them to report that PM#1 had gone to the great ramp test in the sky.

The new PM has been working fine for the last few months, no problem despite the rainiest and muddiest riding season on record. I like that I don’t have to replace batteries every few months, and the app (for calibration and firmware updates) works very well. The only issue was the calibration. PM#1 was 2% off from my Vectors. PM#2 read 20% higher than the Vectors. I corrected it using the XCadey app, but it would have been a real problem if I didn’t have the Vectors around to calibrate it.

If it was my only power meter, and I did 100% of my training on it, the calibration would be a non-issue (and I would slay on Zwift), but for anyone who is considering buying one, I suggest using or borrowing a pedal or hub-based PM to calibrate it.

I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have had these issues if I’d spent the money on a Power2Max, but I also would have spent twice as much, so on balance I think I came out ahead.


Any Orbea Oiz owners here? I recently ordered the 2021 Team version which come with XTR while I currently run XX1. Will hence need to either fudge the drivetrain and move over the Sram crancks (and my P2M) or look into a Shimano friendly alternative. Happy with the P2M NG Eco, but are considering Stages as an alternative. Do anyone know Stages will clear the tight chainstays?

Will a Sram XX1 or X01 left crank arm work with a Sram Truvativ Stylo crankset?

I wouldn’t run Stages on a MTB due to all the power spikes. You could keep the Shimano drivetrain but just use SRAM cranks.


Anyone know if this will work or has tried it.

I have a Dub boost BB, and was trying to determine if a Quarq BB30 power meter crankset with a Stages Dub spindle make it compatible for the bike.

Stages Dub Info

Found an X01 crankset for $200 and added a 4iii on it for $320. Figure for a comparable price for the P2M I save some weight.

comparable price, but not comparable. left side only vs total power, I’d take total power all day long. the weight savings is negligible.

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As long as it’s consistent it doesn’t make a big difference to me.


fwiw, my Stages x01 crankset (tried to borrow it from another bike) wouldn’t clear the chainstays on my Ripmo.

It’s been on my wish list for a while to have power data from my MTB, and now the announcement of AT with its soon to come ability to classify your other outdoor workouts, is pushing me to look at options more seriously.

I recall Jonathan once mentioning on the podcast that power meters for MTB was a complex issue, however I only ride gravel/canal tow paths/bridle paths, which are not smooth like roads but not exactly bombing downhill either, and was wondering if I will encounter issues?

I would describe the riding as CX/trail.

Go for a crank based PM as I’ve seen too many data spikes from the likes of Stages which results in unreliable data.