Power meter computer?

Can somebody recommend the most basic cycling computer that supports a power meter (Stages)?

I was looking at picking up an Edge 530, but realized that I’m only buying it so I can pace myself in MTB races. In Canada if anybody knows of any deals. Thanks!

Since you don’t need mapping, I would probably go with one of these:


Or, just buy an old used Garmin on craigslist :).

The Elemnt Mini would be perfect, but I don’t think it supports a power meter… have you used one?

Haven’t read great reviews on the Lezynes, but maybe I should read up a bit more about them.

yea i believe the mini only supports speed and distance (and some other basic functions). Probably your best bet is to buy used, or if you wanna spend some more money I love my elemnt bolt.

Oh, that’s interesting about the Wahoo.

I’ve seen decent reviews - it will give you better battery life than most other computers, and it sounds like all the features you want. Only notable con is “they’re ugly” as stated by DC Rainmaker haha. I think they look fine.

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DCRainmaker’s latest on Stages L10 has it as the best deal in GPS bike computers:

Though, I’d point out that I think the L10 may actually be the best deal in GPS bike computers today. And by ‘may’, I mean ‘by a massive long shot’.

I know you don’t need GPS, but throwing that out for consideration.