New bike computer, Lezyne Super GPS or Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

I am looking to upgrade my old bike computer from a Garmin Forerunner 310XT. Currently in my budget from the LBS is either a Lezyne Super GPS at $219 or a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt at $296. The Garmin 530 is beyond my price point at $400. I’ll be using the computer for training and routes. Advice??

I was thinking most Garmin 530’s were around $300, are you sure you’re not thinking of an 830? To sum up the entire thing, Garmin has the most features, Wahoo does what you need it to, and just works. Some quick googling shows that Lezyne doesn’t make that model anymore? Personally I’d pick the Wahoo unless you can get a Garmin for the same price, as I’ve got a Wahoo bolt, and it just works. If you want more info about pluses an minuses of each, check out DCRainmaker.

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Garmin 530 is $299 in USA. I evaluated both 530 and Bolt and went with 530 for real navigation (vs breadcrumb on Bolt) and a long list of additional features I use and like. My 530 just works, a few minor annoyances. The Bolt has really nice mobile integration, better buttons, but its missing a lot of features that I like having on Garmin. You can’t go wrong either way.

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I have an older Lezyne Super GPS from 2018 and while it only cost $150 and has a lot of good features, I have problems with the navigation dropping out and losing turn-by-turn. I also have issues with the GPS getting satellite/signal connectivity. Sometimes I’ll have to wait 5-7 minutes on a sunny clear day.

Not to mention it doesn’t have support from TR and the new Lezyne devices don’t do Strava Live Segments. I wouldn’t buy another one unless they have made huge improvements.

I have the same 2018 Lezyne and switched to a Bolt last year. I agree with all above and very happy with my Bolt.

Fwiw on pricing, assuming USD, they should be (they’re all MAP controlled in the US):

Lezyne: $149
Wahoo BOLT: $229
Edge 530: $299

As noted by others, the Super GPS is a bit of an older unit comparatively (well, the BOLT is too, but tech/features-wise the BOLT feels newer somehow).

And also like others, if comparing between the Lezyne and BOLT, I’d choose BOLT every time. Especially for a TrainerRoad user since the workout integration is on-point there (also the same on Garmin).


I have the Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS and while I like it because of the compact size and long battery life, it’s hard to recommend as it does not have maps and I’ve also had the turn-by-turn navigation stop in the middle of rides. GPS reception itself is solid. Navigation is not a critical feature for me so I’m in no rush to upgrade.

I have the lezyne super. They’re good at some products but they’re off the back with GPS.

While I don’t have the Super, I’ve got a Lezyne Mega C (newer model) and it works very well for me. Listed as $200 most places but it can be found for $150. Turn by turn directions work great and while it does have maps, I find that I don’t use them much. It also has Strava live segments, can connect to all your sensors and the battery life is good, too. As long as you keep the software on the GPS unit and the app on your phone updated, you shouldn’t have any navigation glitches. If you want to do the TR outdoor workouts though, the Wahoo is the way to go.

Just picked up a Garmin 530 for $260 shipped. They didn’t even charge me tax.