Power Meters and GPS bike computers

I finally picked up my first power meter (Pioneer Dura Ace 9100) and trying to figure out the best gps computer to use with it. I’m currently using a Garmin 520, which seems to be sufficient, but does anyone have any suggestions as to other units to consider when it comes to getting the most out of the power meter data?

520 will be fine. More parameters than you can shake a stick at and a whole heap of them you’ll never need!!

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They will all display the same fields for power data, but I think that newer models like the 520 will give you access to WK04 data as well.

The Wahoo series are brilliant. The ELEMNT and the BOLT.

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Pioneer makes its own head unit, too. But Garmin’s 520 and Wahoo’s Elemnt Bolt are definitely the canonical choices.