Power Meter Calibration Q's

Just a quick question when calibrating a Power Meter using the TrainerRoad software.

  1. How relevant is the “number” and what does it mean if changes drastically? I calibrated my InfoCrank after changing its batteries, it was at 819 before the battery change and now it’s at -1. Not sure why the big change, but the workouts are going fine and it’s delivering a good experience using PowerMatch

  2. What’s the correct procedure for calibration when using PowerMatch? I’ve been zeroizing the PM then calibrating the Kickr using a spindown. Is this the correct order?

  3. Often times TrainerRoad software takes forever to calibrate the PM? The little wheel will spin with no update or response. I can keep trying, but the only way to calibrate is to unpair it from TR, pair it, then calibrate. Is this a bug in the TrainerRoad software?

  4. Can I calibrate / zeroize the PM using a Garmin head unit? If so, does TrainerRoad acknowledge? The above question makes me believe the TR power meter calibration is a bit flaky.

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The user manual for your powermeter should give you advice on what the various numbers mean. Some relate to error codes. Eg typically my stages gives me a number of around 815 when its calirated and my powertap P1S around 5. They’re always in the same ballpark. Any numbers way off signal an error - eg 30 on the stages means the crank wasn’t correctly positioned when it was calibrated.