Difference between Traineroad and garmin, same PM

Hey folks,

Whilst using powermatch on TR on ipad with my 4iiii I also connect my garmin watch and log the power and hr on there.

I realise that TR shows a smoother power than the garmin but it seems that the garmin power is consistently 5% higher or so. I particularly notice this on efforts around threshold where 300 on the ipad displays for prolonged periods of time at 330 or so on the garmin. They are both connected to the same PM.

Just curious to hear if others have found the same, no big deal as my ftp seems to translate to outdoor real world riding anyway.

Thanks, Tom

Have you compared the two recordings to see if they were recording the same data but one was maybe displaying smoothed average while the other display didnt?

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you are using the old powermatch variant, the new one is much better and solves the problem you have i think, but the new one is only available for PC and mac and not for Android iphones or ipads


I havent, I usually discard the workout on my watch because it records twice on strava but I will try this :+1:

Any ideas when the new powermatch is coming to ipad/mobile devices?

Most likely will piggyback on the overall mobile update that is pending, and not before that time.


I found power match would lag behind the edge a bit too at higher cadence work. I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s the quality of the ant+ receiver in the edge that’s better than in the trainer. I tend to ignore the turbo (power match) these days.

Edit I’m probably talking about a different power match. TR matches the Garmin within 1 or 2 watts but I run it on the laptop with a long ant + usb extender. When I used a short one on RGT, RGT would often read lower than the Garmin too.

This definitely could be a factor, maybe check if there are any firmware updates available on your trainer that can help strengthen that signal!

Every trainer and device has a different standard though, and that can be tricky to navigate. You can always reach out to support@trainerroad.com and they’ll gladly point you in the right direction. :metal: