30 seconds delay on vo2max using the new power match

Today, while doing dade+1, i notice than on every 2.5 min interval, tr would take 30s to get to target power, it was significantly noticable.

Is this a expected behavior?
I did like that going to 120% ftp didn’t feel like hitting a wall of pain but 30s felt like too long to get to target power.

Using assioma pedals, ipad and elite tuo.

Pm is new, didn’t notice this with the powertap c1. But I didn’t do 120% ftp using the new power match and the c1 pm.

I am experiencing the same issue with the updated app, although I am using Virtual Power. I have been in contact with the help desk and they are trying to figure it out. Looking forward to finding a solution!

I’ve had this problem in the past… one thing I found was if I established my cadence 20-30 seconds out, it would negate the problem.

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I did try to ramp up my cadence to upper 90s and see if it would react quicker and it did somewhat. Still had a 30 sec delay to get to 120% but it was closer when i was spinning quicker…

this is a sample of how it looks…

Do you have a comparable workout from the old PowerMatch to see? I’m curious if it is actually different as a result of the app update or something else.

Purely guessing here, but based on the clear history of Elite trainers to be slow to adjust in ERG, I wonder if the issue is with the trainer more than anything. Seems most of them are quite slow on the uptake for ERG changes with large steps. Maybe the Tuo is different or better, but I have not heard much about it in actual use.

Yes I do.
I did the same wo on March 9, 2021.
This is before new power match and with c1 pm.

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Thanks, that looks very good with decent response time.
It will be interesting to see what TR can find.