Power lower on the flats than on the climbs

Hi All,

I’ve always struggled to put the same power out on the flats that I do on the climbs. I notice this significantly on rolling terrain where I can hit my power target on the uphill, but as soon as it levels off or goes downhill, I feel like I’m borderline all-out just to match that same power output. Any idea why this is? And if so, what types of training can be done to cure this?

forget about power on descents, even those slight 1-2% you can pedal through.

as for the flats, if you make the power on the climb, you can make it on the flat. you just have to develop the neuro-muscular patterns to be able to get it out tucked on the hoods as you can sitting up on a climb.

n=1, but case in point – it took me about three weeks to get the same power on a 6-minute flat section of my fartlek look as it did on the 4-5 minute climbs. but, last week, it finally happened. just takes work.



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This is good guidance. It seems like it may help to do more of my intervals on the flats rather than on hills.

Are you using a different cadence range uphill? Are you using super high cadence on the road? Is your cadence higher on the road than trainer?
Do you have the front of your bike overly low - is aero killing your power?
Is your power the same on the trainer as it is on the hills?

Hi jfranci3! Trying to keep cadence steady. Power is same on trainer as it is on hills. Front of bike is flush with saddle height and not very aero.