Power grid not even

why is my power grid showing all ups and downs ? even when i a, pedaling at a constant speed ?

You’re a human. It’s fine.


Looks normal.


Your cadence is all over the place which will cause your power to fluctuate. If your cadence didn’t vary by more than a few RPMs I’d check your cadence sensor. But keep in mind that even at a rock steady cadence your power will still vary. Here’s what kind of fluctuation I see.

Looks like you’re doing about 120 watts with a cadence around 90ish…some trainers have a hard time with low wattages and with a cadence that high, if you’re in the big ring, you might just have so much flywheel speed the trainer is just grabbing and releasing…grabbing and releasing…over and over. That could cause the cadence to jump around like it is, too.

So, my first question would be, what trainer?