Power for the road

Hi. I’m a TR newbie, just started using it on my Stages SC3. I’ve been working out on the trainer for the past two winters.

I like TR! So much so that I am thinking about getting a power meter for my road bike so I can continue the data-rich training in summer. I’d like your suggestions for an inexpensive but accurate power meter set up for my road bike, which uses an Ultegra crankset.

It doesn’t need to be fancy and cost will be a factor.

https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/
ANT+ compatibility would be a nice feature but not a deal breaker.

If it is possible to move my stages PM to my road bike without a huge hassle I would even consider doing that instead of purchasing a separate meter.

Thanks for any suggestions, and sorry if this is a tired topic for you all.

Check out DCRainmaker’s Power Meter Buying Guide

I use Stages SC3 at the local gym, it’s very unlikely that the crank arm on this is movable to a regular road bike.

You’ll need to buy a new PM. It would help to know what bike/bottom bracket/crankset you have to recommend a good low cost option.

What’s your budget?

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For an ultegra crankset the cheapest and easiest would probably be a left arm crank from either stages or 4iiii. I would start there.


Vote for 4iiii - great value, quick turnaround, super stable and reliable.

Also big vote for single sided. Dual sided is for the vain, hard to find much honest practical use (full disclosure I have two of each haha)

I second @mwglow15 here. This is the best option to get into the power game and remain both reliable and affordable…for sure

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Checkout the closeout section of the stages website. You can get a 105 refurb for $200. Pretty killer deal


In my opinion there’s very little to choose between Stages and 4iiii, pick whichever you can find the best deal on.

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Agree 100%. Had a staged gen 3 when I was running sram and now a 4iiii since switching to Shimano. Got both for under $350 and both have been great. Hard to justify spending more.