Power Dynamics: Use?

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I can’t see the search button.

This question is inspired by the new Firmware (0.0.27) on the Tacx Neo 2 now having L/R Balance. The change log also suggested that on their parent company (Garmin) Edge devices it might have other metrics, but I haven’t got that to work. L/R balance though I can confirm appears on an Edge 530.

Anyway, the question is: has anyone actually found a good use for this stuff?

A secondary, and less important question, is does the data appear in imported TR rides? It appears in the Garmin Cloud. I’ve had a look. Can’t see it. Might be being blind though.

To your question, there is not much conclusive research or evidence on how to use L/R data.

OT, you can search on the forum with the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.

There are Advanced options that include ability to filter within particular categories, tags and much more.

Thanks, that was exactly the symbol I was looking for in the place I looked. Just found it on my phone, but not my iPad:

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It appears if I click “reload without content blockers”. No need to do that on iPhone with same OS.

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