Power drops right after sprints


Just had a question regarding my trainer and sprint workouts. I use a BKool Smart Pro Trainer with a stages power meter. Both are connected via ant. So right after sprints, I’ve noticed that the power will drop from triple digits to double digits (sometimes 40-50) before coming back up to the target power. This usually happens in a few seconds and are visible as big drops on the workouts, directly after the sprint. Does anyone know why? If this is normal?

Also, is there any adv/disadv connecting the stages via Bluetooth or ant?


Yes it is normal. You don’t need to worry about the drops. Stay focused on the up part of the sprint intervals.
Here’s mine in on CycleOps Hammer. Bluetooth. The last interval was done at a slow cadence and I didn’t go as hard as the previous one so it had a more controlled finish.

This can be minimized by shifting into a harder gear. While in ERG after a sprint if you grab a couple gears the power drop will level out quickly. Then as the power smoothes you can shift back into your normal cog. I use this frequently and it prevents the power dips and wild cadences when power numbers quickly drop off.

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Thanks for the replies!