Potential Polarized Plan

I replied to your answer to my post. The one I quoted above. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps I am wrong but I thought Seiler described it exactly that way. Having 15% zone two seem to be contradicting that. Though ultimately semantics.

Yes it is pushing the limits and could be argued its not longer POL.

Normally Z2 IMO 7% - 10% is fine. Although technically, again imo, as long as you have extreme High level stress and lots and lots low level stress Z1, the amount of Z2 can be up to 15% as long as it does not impact on the Z3 being high quality Z3.

Edit: actually 15% is really pushing it, just over 10% is really the limit IMO

Has anybody here done a polarized plan for longer than 6+ months? Did you stagnate?

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Yes and no to your points.

If I recall correctly your plan was 2xZ3, 1xZ2, 3xZ1 which equals 50% Z1, 17% Z2, and 33% Z3. So yeah, pushing the limits seems to be a good description. :grin:

Not sure you have realized it yet but if you take short power build low volume and add three Z1 rides you will end up with your plan. Perhaps useful for the progression. :blush:

Do you mean this…?

As I said a day off or walking, stretching is Z1. Okay didn’t mentioned walking.

Which I have said is the limit of POL.


PS.It wasn’t my plan. I just put numbers on it.

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Meant that one. Haven’t read the whole post (series) yet. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know,

I agree it is pushing the limit of POL, but is IMO still technically POL, although not conventional.

POL requires extremes, little mid ground. i.e loads of Z1, less than Z3 Z2, and high end Z3.

If you cant do that, too much Z2 to hit quality Z3 them maybe it is not POL

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Not sure if this is considered POL or what but just tweaked short power build to try and be fresh for the hard days. Those .9 IF rides are brutal on me

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Just curious, what is your heart rate response to the different interval lengths? I’m thinking of something like 30/15s or 30/30s vs 2.5-3min vs 5-8min.

I’ve been trying to find more information on VO2 kenitics and see if that confirms what I think the interval length is that is more ‘ideal’ for me. Personally, 30/15s or 30/30s at max aerobic power don’t get my HR up and my legs feel blasted and I am breathing a little hard. 2.5-3min at 95-97% of MAP my HR is above the 95% max HR for 60-90sec and I am breathing hard but it destroys my legs. With 5-9min at 106% of FTP or a little higher my HR is above 95% max HR for multiple minutes per interval and I am breathing hard but legs don’t feel like they were hit with 2x4s. For that reason I’ve been leaning towards focusing on the longer supra-threshold intervals for my next block of VO2max work.

(I’m 42. classic TT’er power profile and FTP is currently estimated 83.75% of MAP)

I’m 42 as well.

I cant really comment on HR as I dont measure it…but I can tell you that in terms of breathing…the 3 min efforts at 120% are the most challenging, followed by the longer 6-8 minute stuff at 108%. Legs just hurt during all of it…but the long 108% ones are probably a bit tougher on my legs.

The short shorts are just less challenging all the way around…but definitely feel them more in my legs than breathing.

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