Post your VeloViewer Explorer Score

On my Jaunt to the Trossachs when I was on holiday I got another 12 tiles. Lol, it should have been an unlucky 13 but it doesn’t look like the 130+ receiver is as good as my 1030’s.


Joined a group going to Skegness, I probably wouldn’t go there on my own its too flat/exposed and boring but that 65squares:


For missing squares, I mentioned an app you can download to your Garmin screen (mine’s a 530)


It’s a great hobby, i like exploring!

Veloviewer has a nice app on android, where you can check te tiles and make pictures like the ones i posted in this message. It is also a great way to check if there are any new tiles nearby when you are out riding. It’s called ‘explorer helper for veloviewer’ in the app store


Omg that‘s a lot of tiles :flushed:

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Picked off a few squares (6 of them) that were stopping my max sq increasing its now 23x23 and my max cluster has increased by 20.


Total explorer tiles 3731
Max cluster size 747
Max square size 20 x 20

Have done a 9 x 9 ride as a single activity.


Go to and you can see it there too.

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This looks fun. But what do you guys do about tiles that have no roads? I checked mine and there are a couple tiles preventing a larger square that look to be on private property. I guess I am limited on how big my square can get.

I am limited by lakes and mountains. For such reasons the „max cluster“ was introduced and that‘s what I care about.

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MTB or Gravel, if the

For me, it depends if it’s private property, or not. Then if cattle tracks show we can ride MTB on areas that are accessible.

Some areas are no-go, i.t.o. safety, so the square will only be as big as it can be.


I agree with the comment about mtb. Maybe even canoe?

That’s part of the reason why I use that app I showed, so that I can see when I’ve made it into a new tile. There’s been a few times when I probably should have turned around earlier but decided to be curious and push on just that little bit further down a private road.

Some tiles involve a lot of planning, being patient and being creative . I’ve heard of someone needing a tile in a military area or a controlled port and they took the approach of waiting for an official public open day, and even contacting the company directly to ask permission (I think they eventually got in on a day when there was no freight traffic or smuggling, and then they were escorted to the area they needed and then left).

And some people get very interested about whether a piece of land is public or private. I’m limited by coastline and there’s an interesting definition of how private a beach can be if you’re below the high tide mark, or when an old public path/route gets closed is that a legal closure or a landowner pushing their luck. And then it’s worth searching the internet to see if anyone else has gone through a particular path. Maybe a good map shows that there actually is permitted access, despite what a sign might say.

Similar to Strava’s Heatmap, I’m pretty sure there was an app connected to VeloViewer that showed how many times a particular tile had been visited, so in town that might be loads of people, further out just a few. If you’ve got a tile that’s had a visit then it shows it’s possible…that normally gives me confidence.


I went up to Rutland today and bagged a couple of tile there which took me from


I probably should have waited till summer though :laugh:



My goal for next year is 20x20, maybe even a bit more.

I didn’t make progress on my square (one cell is fully blocked):
Max square: 15x15 (which is actually a 15x19)
Max Cluster: 475 (quite some progress there from 388 in June)

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Self described heat map junkie here! And VeloViewer and Wandrer both keep my motivation high to ride when I don’t want to train, or race…

I am an American expat living in Denmark and using VeloViewer tiles to see bits of the country that I normally would not ever see is what motivates me. Whenever I need a long weekend ride I just draw a route in Strava that expands the cluster or ticks new tiles so my mind is continually seeing new things and open

Most of my riding career has been spent in Northern California where I found it easy to rack up tiles, but hard to get a to a 20x20 square.

But moving to the Copenhagen area from 2018-2020, and now back again from Jan 2023 - present has help me get that cluster up a little higher. I am have now nearly maxed it out as I am blocked by a lake with an unreachable tile in the middle and water all around the other edges.


I realised towards the end of my outdoors workout today I was close to an OS tile I needed so I diverted down the ‘dead end’ lane to Little Catworth to get it. Its unlocked the Max Cluster quite a bit (from 845 to 861).

I’ll need to go back to the area with an off road bike sometime but today after yesterday’s :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: and last weeks :cloud_with_snow: and multiple :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain: :cloud_with_rain:days in the last month wasn’t the day to do so :joy:

I could get one of them by road but I’d have cross the A14 dual carriageway from Molesworth, and I dont think I fancy that :thinking:

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You don‘t seem to shy away from bad weather, do you? :smiley: that‘s great for exploring!

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We moved office a couple of months back so I’ve managed so far to get another 55tiles



I have been working on my cluster (533, up from 388) since my square is blocked by a large lake on one side - it’s a 20x15 rectangle so far, could expand to one side, but I got tired of very long rides (>4hrs).
Will try to expand my cluster into the alps, which would include some MTB/gravel-trips to get some of the tiles.

Explorer Score: 1459 tiles, average of 9.717 km per tile
Max square 15x15
Max Cluster: 533

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3821 tiles, average of 14.263 km per tile
Max square 30x30
Max Cluster: 1622

Got a couple of big rides planned to increase the cluster by joining up with a load of squares in north Norfolk

Did a 10x10 in a ride a couple of years ago which was fun - though I probably spent more time route planning than riding it :slight_smile: