Post microdiscectomy riding

Hi all,

I know there’s one other topic mentioning this, but wondering if there’s anyone out there who has had a microdiscectomy? I had one two weeks ago. Here in Canada, I’m not getting a lot of info about recovery.

At this point, I understand I need to wait until at least the 4 week mark to even think about riding, at which point I’ll start a Physio program which will gradually allow me to return to the bike.

Was doing some racing this past year, and rode quite a bit (5,000km) up to September when I lost the ability to ride.

Thoughts on what has worked for you?


I got into riding after I had a microdiscectomy and a spinal fusion. Follow your doctor’s advice on recovery and returning to sport - don’t rush it! - and I wouldn’t expect complications that are specific to the bike.