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Speaking from experience, staring at a bar and some numbers worked fine for me.



Speaking from experience I reckon you don’t represent the vast majority.


Speaking from experience too, I started my indoor training experience with Zwift and always return when the Zwift academy starts. Nothing like big group workouts for pushing that last bit out. Made my newbie gains on Zwift, all noted it the FTP improvements thread. I found it’s fun and a great place to start your indoor journey.

I now always use Zwift with Trainerroad. I’ve never done a workout with just the blue bars, it doesn’t appeal to me. Everyone is different, you have to do what works for you. I like to lose myself in Watopia and other worlds whilst doing my efforts.


I agree. I use Zwift as a digital distraction, but if I had to have just one it would be TrainerRoad all the way. The product is just so well done.

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The consensus is that TrainerRoad is superior, and I agree. To add a point that I haven’t seen in this thread is that TrainerRoad gives you great visibility on your workout results. I’ve been using TrainerRoad for almost two years. I can go back and see how I did;

  • on previous workouts.
  • How I did during different parts of the base, or build programs.
  • What led to FTP progress
  • What led to FTP regresss
  • What led to race success.

I use the notes on each workout, and I can go see how I was feeling during different parts of the plan.

My point is that it’s not just the workouts. The data is curated in such a way that allows you to be your own coach. I don’t see that on Zwift. I use Zwift as a visual distraction. If I had to chose between Zwift and TrainerRoad, it would be TrainerRoad hands down.


While the plans included with Zwift get rather low reviews, the app itself is a great tool. And, its worth pointing out for those who don’t know, Zwift will import any workouts you have in TrainingPeaks which opens up a whole world of coaching and plan options. TR is great and economical but its a small portion of what’s out there in terms of plans.


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I was thinking to try the Build me up plan or the TT tune up. What do you think about the other plan on zwift ? My TR subscription ended and I will only keep Zwift for the coming months

I had good results with the Gran Fondo plan whilst I was training for a fondo. Build me up is ok but the problem I had with it is it had 4 fairly intense rides a week and even though Zwift says they are flexible if you miss the window they are scheduled in then you lose access to them. If you have a bad week or get sick then its impossible to get back on track with the plan. You also can’t choose a low of high volume. I prefer doing low volume with some outside bunch rides on the weekend or a Zwift race or two if it is wet.

You quickly run out of options on Zwift though if you are looking for decent training plans. This website has a good summary of their plans.

I tried Xert for awhile too as it allows you to export workouts to Zwift. They have a free trial period too. It didn’t really work for me though.

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I use Zwift, but their programs are poor. I use Zwift solely because of the interactive element. TR programs (I have used TR in the past) are for the athlete looking for the more structured program where a bit of scientific thought has gone in to its build

As someone who is on week 10 of 12 of the Build Me Up plan, I just wanted to point out the couple comments about the plan not having rest weeks are wrong. Each 4th week has been a rest and it’s even in the description of the plan on those weeks, something about supercompensation. (Here is a breakdown of the plan as it is today: Zwift workouts: Build Me Up | What's on Zwift?)

Maybe things have changed. But it seems more in line with the plans I had when I was using TR.

That said, I’m only using zwift because I already had a membership and it’s what friends were using, once I finish this plan I’ll likely go back to TR for my next training plan. Zwift doesn’t have a lot of variety in plans.

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I think any structure will work for a newbie to be honest.

I only came to zwift during covid, and have only picked a couple of workouts (swapped some endurance workouts from TR). Scrolling through the longer plans they seemed reasonable to me.

I couldn’t see myself ever giving up TR, but someone looking for indoor group spins, races, events and training I could see why they’d pick zwift.

A few negatives I’d see…
The tech requirements of zwift still far outweigh those of TrainerRoad. Every large scale event is full of complaints of “zwift” crashing, when it’s peoples devices not coping. I upgraded to apple TV after Haute Route issues, but never had issues with TrainerRoad on my mobile.
I do think there’s a danger of being sucked into doing too much on zwift - the events, the races (and every event being a “race”, chasing badges etc.

After a few months working from home, so training exclusively on my home set up, I’m more on the fence now. I think my ideal would be able to push TrainerRoad workouts to Zwift (which I know won’t happen!)

  • It’s possible to use Z & TR, with TR driving a workout via ERG, and just rolling thru Z.
  • Still requires both subscriptions and two devices in your case (ATV and phone).

It can’t be long until zwift gets their act together with the plans and workouts.

I’ve had more than one questionnaire from them in the last year and one of the questions was specifically asking to rate the plans, while another multiple choice question was along the lines of ‘please name one of the above that you would like to see improved’ and I’m struggling to beleive the answer most people gave wasn’t their workout plans.

The entire workout section is in need of a complete revamp and I hope it comes soon.

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Zwift… soon… zoon ;). Just look at some Zwift threads / FB pages. There is an endless list of things that were requested/announced a long time ago to be released soon like the new UI, anti-cheat systems, rowing, etc. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for an overhaul of the training plans.

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Ah yeah, I’ve been doing that the whole time. Using TR to control the Hammer and Zwift taking power from my left sided power meter. I’ve also experimented with TR ant+ from my phone to control the Hammer, and zwift taking power via bluetooth. Works up until calibration, and then I have to reboot the hammer.

It’d just be nice to have it integrated I guess - It’s still a bit of extra faff at 6.45am!

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Sure is. The extra steps are workable, but would be nice to avoid. I also think having the TR workouts ported directly into Z.

Never say never, but I’m not holding my breath that it will happen. We can hope though. :smiley:

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With the amount if money zwift is pulling in I definitely don’t think it’ll be too crazy long before they get their act together, hire a cycling coach, and decide to compete with their biggest competitor on training plans.

If there’s a target in their visor on the training side of things, it would be Peloton, not TR or Sufferfest. But I think they’re way too busy on the eSport side of things to invest in that direction now. Nor on the UI, apparently. Nothing else is moving these days: running, training plans, bug fixes - all attention has been on virtual racing.

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Interestingly, they have a number of coaches involved to some degree with Z that should be able to do this, but they clearly haven’t been given the brief. Gaffney, Poulton, Rowe and Henderson are all involved still I think