Nutrition for 30 minute vo2 Max

So I’m on 3x3.30@120% with 3.00 rest intervals and failed on the last interval last time. I’ve been building up to them week by week. In erg mode which I might change.

Question is, is the recommendation to fuel on the bike for these efforts?

You shouldn’t need to fuel for such a short WO.
IME a little squirt of sugar during the warm up can help me fire up for early morning VO2. Anything beyond that and I’d feel like crap after such a short WO.


Yep liquid calories and at least 20mins before might help with RPE, and preserve your glycogen for another day. I would say a big caffeine hit (3mg/kg) would make the biggest difference if you can tolerate it. Also VO2Max in ERG?! You could do 5min level intervals, ramp the power down, but keep RPE, breathing and HR high. You’d get more time @ VO2 that way.


Assuming you’ve eaten enough prior to the workout then you won’t need anything.

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I’d imagine you’d feel sickly if you drank or ate sugar in the midst of intervals of that intensity. Try getting some sugar in 30-60min before


For a 30 min session unless your FTP is way too high you should be able to manage it with just a little fluid.

How do you know how much fluid I would need?

The fact that you can go by without eating, doesn’t mean it’s the best strategy :slight_smile:
If you fuel the ride, you’ll be making your recovery process easier (by being in a slightly less deep of a hole).

Personally, I’d do ~30-40 grams of carbs in a bottle. Indoor, I can easily go through 500ml in 30 minutes, if I want to :smiley:


This is my feeling. Sure I can tough it out but maybe 35g or so would lower the rpe just that little bit. You can hurt alot in 30 minutes!

I often take more than 500ml in 30 minutes on the bike if it’s hot.

I don’t, only you can fully answer that. It depend upon your training environment, build up (pre hydration/empty or full stomach) physique, fitness etc. I filled a 750ml bottle with SIS for my hour long VO2 max session but that’s me you could need more or less.