*POLL* What is your current W/Kg *POLL*

Sorry, I don’t think my point came across well. What I meant was a poll asking for what everyone else’s w/kg is pointless.

Depends on the context. If you’re racing a flat crit, for example, than W/KG doesn’t mean much at all

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Wouldn’t it just be easier for you to avoid this pointless thread all together then?

I guess this is pointless too? Your FTP improvements

About 3.8 w/kg (298w/78kg). It’s kinda useless though since I live in a completely flat country. I’d prefer the extra watts/max output over w/kg.

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I’ve found that with my lack of structure in the summer my FTP has topped out around 280-290 at my peak the last two summers (3.5ish-3.6ish w/kg) but I’ve noticed that I have better repeatability and WAY more endurance. Two years ago when I first started structured training I did a 90 mile ride with about 2000ft of climbing, kept it under 200 watts and was wrecked. This year I did 110 miles with 4600ft of climbing and was sprinting cars at the end. W/kg is a great metric, but its only one metric. At least thats what I keep telling myself…:rofl: