Polarized vs SSBLV In Calorie Deficit

Hello, trying to decide between either Polarized Base or SSBLV to run while in a caloric deficit. Not a huge deficit, losing ~0.5% BW a week. Eating 2550 Calories a day (400-500 Calorie daily deficit).

I do enjoy training in the SS zone, but not sure how burnout will go though over time. Anyone have experience running SSBLV in a deficit? Over the holidays I mainly ended up just cruising z1/z2 rides as my focus was elsewhere.

I anticipate being in the deficit for ~3 months (Goal is ~77kg).

Stats: FTP ~224W, 83kg, 174cm

I’m currently in a 200-300 calorie deficit doing SSBMV and I’m feeling all right (45, m, a tad overweight). I’ve dropped about 5lbs since November, including all the holidays where I didn’t track foods. I was previously vegetarian but since training have added eggs and fish back into my diet for the protein, iron, and omega-3s. Anecdotally I’m experiencing less fatigue and DOMs than I did before in my past years of training. I’m also doing some band work for my glutes to prevent my knees from hurting too much.

Perfect, thanks for the anecdote.

I can always just start SSBLV and just reassess if it gets too much.

I also have 3x 1hr gym sessions (2 upper sessions, 1 lower), and run 1-2x a week (super casual, rehabbing a chronic achilles issue).

I’m also just running a 500cal deficit to try for the first time. My one recommendation is, fuel before and during the workout. It is exponentially more important in order to get the work done and not feel fatigued/not up to the job.