Polarized plans AT logic for Endurance rides

Is there a particular thread we are supposed to use to give feedback on the “experimental” Polarised plans?

I am completing the 6 week MV Polarised plan currently, and I question the AT logic with regard to the 2nd workout of the week being an Endurance ride of ~ 2 hours

AT seems to be choosing progressive rides for Endurance within the timeframe of 2’15", and for example today it has come up with Walker at 0.74 IF or 2’15" at 75% of FTP. My current PL for Endurance is 5.7 and Walker is 6.3, so it is Progressive

I can do that, but it is not a typical endurance ride and will have a lot of tempo in it to hit that average outdoors and I don’t believe making Endurance rides as hard as this is consistent with Polarised training. More like an ISM LT1 ride. Make them longer yes, but not more intense for each workout, once you get up to handling say 65-75% of FTP

Of course i have chosen what i think is more appropriate for today through Alternates

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My first thought would be the official TR introduction thread:

Second option that jumps out to me is this one:

And another:

I can potentially merge this with one of those as needed. I have not researched closely other than to find these ones that seem related.

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Thanks Chad - let’s merge it with the second option please

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