Polar H10 longevity

Its Energizer batteries I am using in mine and touchwood despite a high use (circa 10-20h a week) I am having no problems but my unit is barely 6months old. I forget what the stock battery was but I got around a month out of it when I didn’t always disconnect it after a ride. The second Energizer one lasted about 4 months at a guess.

I’ve had a dodgy batch of dodgy Duracell CR2032’s from ebay in the past, I usually by 6 or 10 at a time.

If where you store the Pod is very cold the life will also be decreased.

If you’re buying from ebay etc best check the manufacturing year of them.

Have you changed which sensor radios are active via the Plar Beat App or trued a factory reset. With just a single Bluetooth radio active you should be looking at around 400 hours of use between battery changes.

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same -blowing through batteries, My K2 says they are half dead already when I install one.

bought them in bulk off Amazon - sometime will have to buy some fresh batteries and try them

also I now disconnect the pod, but with half dead batteries I haven’t notice a big difference… I get about 10 hours of wear time or so … again with super bulk cheap batteries

Now the question for me is where to get batteries that aren’t near the end of their shelf life when I get them.

I’ve not tried a factory reset yet, didn’t know that was an option. I’ll have to have a look for how to do it.

Only thing I can think of beyond that is flat out removing the battery every time, but that’ll get annoying with the pairing etc.


I’ll have to bear that in mind if I ever have a problem with mine.

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I usually get about 2 months from my H10 batteries. Seems kinda short, but when you figure Im using it around an hour-1.5 a day, 6-7 days a week, I guess thats really not that bad?

You mention 2032s, but the H10 uses 2025s.


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Interesting, I use 2032 in mine.

However, last week my friend’s nearly new H10 wouldn’t connect to his computer, I opened it up and it was a 2025 inside. I swapped his to a 2032 and it worked.

I’ve been using 2032’s in mine for well over 18 months.

I use my H10 for 4-6 hours per week. With the CR2025s, I’ve been on 1 battery for many months. I think my first swap was after about 6 months, maybe more.

Me too. I just checked the difference between a 2025 and 2032 is the thickness (2.5mm vs 3.2mm) both have the same 20mm diameter and voltage

Yeah 2032 is slightly thicker, it will probably have more ampere hrs, i.e. last longer.

I use the CO2032’s too and I must admit I never realised Polar suggests 2025’s. Everything I have/ had take 2032’s and its more handy to have a pack of them anyway. I’ve had older 2032 HRMs where I have had to gently prise up the contacts with a screw driver to maintain a connection; hopefully with the 2032’s being marginally thicker I won’t need to do that with the H10.

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I wonder why they opted for the 2025 in the first place then…

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This explains a lot, I’ve had a lot of batteries that didn’t last long at all (from eBay)

Buying CR2032 or CR2025 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries Online:

It is extremely important to purchase lithium coin cell batteries only from reputable sellers. Unfortunately, because these battery models are so popular, they are commonly counterfeited overseas in China. The importation of counterfeit watch and coin cell batteries is a big problem here in the United States. Many distributors and dealers are knowingly and unknowingly selling counterfeit watch and coin cell batteries. These counterfeit packages are commonly found on eBay and Amazon.

CR2025 VS. CR2032.

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I have used CR2032 after my first battery swap with no ill effects.


My H10 recently started going through batteries quite quickly as well - they would last about a week, where previously they would last months.
I sent my unit back to Polar, and they replaced it under warranty (2 year warranty in USA).
The paper returned with the unit said ‘failed firmware update’, with no further information.
So far the new one seems to be working fine.

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